10 reasons why you should buy yourself a pair of Cole Haan shoes

10 reasons why you should buy yourself a pair of Cole Haan shoes

Cole Haan is a lifestyle brand with the focus being on footwear. They are known for their eye wear, scarves, hosiery, and handbags as well. The company has always been attentive to solving problems in footwear needs. They are known for their driving shoes that are a big hit in Europe.

1. An Old Brand
This is a brand that has stood the test of time. First launched in 1928 specifically to sell men’s footwear, they have come a long way. They have retained their quality over the years. They still have loyal customers who buy their products regularly.

2. Sustainability
The brand has preserved the technique that is used in manufacturing their shoes. They have kept up with the times and been up to date with the fashion industry. They banned the use of fur in the making of their products, supporting the animal rights movement in 2008.

3. Craftsmanship
The shoes are made by a single person from the time the leather is cut till they are packed. They have a personal touch to them which is why you should consider buying a pair for yourself.

4. Collaborations
World class tennis player, Maria Sharapova was chosen to headline their advertising campaign. The brand has collaborated with the New York School of Ballet to design a collection of women’s ballet flats. They have collaborated with several designers and athletes over the years.

5. Growth
The company was bought by Nike in 1998. They were instrumental in the release of formal shoes with the Nike Air technology. The company that started with just men’s footwear have many products to their name. Cole Haan is an international brand with outlets in America and mainly in Europe. They are sold by hundreds of retailers and by many online websites.

6. Products
Cole has several products sold under its name today. Originally a footwear brand, they have launched into fashion accessories as well. They are known for their optical wear that is exclusively sold only in a few locations.

7. Leather
The leather used is from the Horween leather company. They still buy leather from them.

8. Unique design
Cole Haan products are unique in their design. The company, having switched so many hands in the past few years, has stuck to their unique design sensibilities.

9. Modern Artisan
In collaboration with Nike, Cole Haan released a new line of footwear with soles that have the Nike Air Technology. The patented air cushioning is added to the sole with small windows for holes. These shoes have lighter soles and were an instant hit.

10. Wide Reach
Cole Haan shoes can be bought off any fashion website or purchased at your nearest retailer. There are over 300 outlets in Paris alone. There is no fashion enthusiast that has not heard of Cole Haan.

Cole Haan has been providing solutions to footwear needs for over 80 years now. Their merchandise is equally appreciated in the fashion industry. Get in line and buy yourself a pair of Cole Haan shoes.

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