4 back-to-school backpacks that combine style and function

4 back-to-school backpacks that combine style and function

It’s finally that time of the year when your kid will be promoted to the next grade, and school days would soon dawn upon them. Though not all kids are excited about going back to school, the back-to-school shopping is something they eagerly look forward to. Shopping for school supplies is quite exciting, and the most awaited moment for kids is when they get to choose a new backpack for school.
Though the last year’s backpack might still be presentable even after the rough treatment meted out by kids, your kid might refuse to take to school as it is “out of style”. So, it would be advisable to let your child choose one of the popular backpacks for school as it will make the transition from their vacation to school slightly happier.
So, here are some of the popular backpacks for school and making the right choice won’t be as challenging now.

Garnet Hill Eco Signature Backpack
A backpack should be aesthetically appealing but highly functional at the same time, and this back-to-school backpack meets both these requirements. The pastel colored background coupled with floral prints makes the backpack appear vibrant, and this is what your child needs to combat the Monday morning school blues. It is recommended for kids who prefer to bring their lunch to school as there is an extra loop on the backpack to store a lunchbox. Additionally, this backpack has reflective components for extra safety.

Columbia Northern Pass Day Pack
This backpack for school from Columbia proves to be an excellent choice as it holds true on the grounds of durability and packability. Kids can be careless with their backpacks and often stuff heavy things that the backpack cannot usually endure. However, the Columbia Northern Pass Day Pack can tolerate the weight to a great extent. Also, this backpack for school is equipped with a padded laptop sleeve so it can be used by college-goers as well.

Discovery LED Glow Book Pack
It’s no secret that kids absolutely love glow-in-the-dark items, so a glow-in-the-dark backpack for school will surely be quite delightful for them. The Discovery LED Glow Book Pack is an uber cool back-to-school backpack and is definitely here to stay. Moreover, the LED lighting on the backpack acts as an extra layer of safety especially when the sun’s still coming up while your kid waits at the bus stop.

North Face Hot Shot Backpack
This backpack for school is meant for kids who aren’t so concerned with maintaining their backpacks in a decent condition. The North Face Hot Shot backpack is an extremely popular choice as it is known to survive being dropped and abraded. Moreover, it is water-resistant, which makes it the right school partner for your kid. This back-to-school backpack even has smartly designed compartments to keep everything organized.

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