4 Best Brands For Hospital Beds For Home

4 Best Brands For Hospital Beds For Home

Bed rest is one of the most boring as well as a painful process that patients have to go through. Some of them are advised extended bed rest even after discharge! To make their bed rest comfortable and not too troublesome, a lot of brands have started manufacturing hospital beds for home as well as premium quality mobility equipment for patients to move around the house as well as take care of personal hygiene in complete privacy. There are tons of brands these days so it can get a little confusing to choose the best brands in the market to fit your budget and your needs.

Here are 4 of the best brands in the market to buy hospital beds for home along with other bed rest required equipment:

Drive Medical
Drive Medical is one of the leading manufacturers of medical supplies and equipment for both consumers at home as well as dealers and providers such as wholesale markets, hospitals and clinics and other companies who might need medical equipment. Drive Medical makes affordable yet very good quality hospital beds for home which consumers can buy for themselves during their bedrest period at home. They make semi-electric as well as full electric beds which can move up to 90 degrees for sitting in the bed itself. The bed also rises from the leg region in case the patient needs to raise his legs due to fractures or any other illness and issues. The entire operation of the bed is smooth and comfortable and is specifically designed for keeping the patient’s heavy-duty framework in mind. Drive Medical is one of the leading brands in its industry in the country, Canada and Asian countries and exports a lot of their products to other countries as well.

Similar to Drive Medical, Carex is a very famous and trusted health brand that provides healthcare equipment and medical supplies for hospitals, wholesalers as well as for the consumers/patients directly. The brand uses superior quality materials which make the equipment extremely efficient and durable. Carex manufactures bed rails, bed support systems, medical mattresses, and other bedrest needed equipment for hospital beds for home. From urinal pans to bed IV poles, Carex produces every tool and supply that is needed to take care of the patient who is advised home and bed rest. This is an affordable brand which is easily accessible at medical supplies stores as well as online on e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and other stores that stock on medical equipment. Carex also manufactures walking canes, lifting seats, wheelchairs and other mobility products for their consumers.

Invacare is an American brand that deals with manufacturing and supplying non-acute condition equipment and tools for their consumers. It is among the most trusted brands in the country and throughout the world. A lot of leading hospitals and clinics use Invacare products. Invacare manufactures some of the best hospital beds for a home with a lot of different variety and options depending on the illness or spinal issues of the patients. From mattresses to bed rails and the beds itself, Invacare produces every product for the best bed rest a patient can have in the comfort of his home! There are three types of beds that Invacare manufactures – bariatric, electric and manual beds. The brand also manufactures other equipment such as electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, personal care equipment like ambulatory, commodes, bath safety etc.

Joerns Healthcare
Another leading brand in the healthcare supplies industry is Joerns Healthcare. Some of the best premium quality equipment used in hospitals and clinics is manufactured by Joerns Healthcare. This company has some of the widest variety of hospital beds for a home that makes the entire bedrest process for a patient much more comfortable. The brand does not manufacture electric beds however, their manual beds are very heavy-duty and made of very good quality materials. With multiple adjustment features, the bed can take a person’s weight of up to 500 lbs.

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