4 Best Hearing Aids That You Can Try

4 Best Hearing Aids That You Can Try

Hearing aids are generally used up for various health problems which include hearing loss, semi-conductive hearing loss, as well as single-sided deafness. Hearing aid campaign is usually observed by an audiologist, who themselves fit in the device in patient’s ear according to a type of hearing loss treatment. Hearing aids are unable to solve the problem of hearing loss because they are just an aid which makes the sound audible so that the person can hear clearly. Hearing aids comparison is not a cup of tea as the number of brands provides the best quality product. One can choose their hearing aid according to their budget and the quality that they need.

Let us look at some hearing aids in detail:

Phonak Audeo B Direct B90
B-Direct is the basic hearing aid which provides direct connectivity with Android with the help of Bluetooth to do phone calls, but on the other hand, there are some of the limitations of this new feature such as it does not support A2DP which means it is not able to stream the audio aside from the phone calls. Also, the phone calls are mono and this set can be used for both iPhone as well as Android.

One great feature in Phonak Audeo B Direct B90 is hand free calling. You can now accept, reject and end the calls with the help of this device. Also, you do not even require to hold the phone to the ear such as previous versions. B-Direct modifies the method of hearing with actual hands-free voice calling. Hearing aid vesture now can answer and reject the phone call by just pressing a button present on the hearing aid. It is completely automatic, therefore you can effortlessly listen the sound from any place. The battery life of this product is also good and you can get this device at $1299 in a market.

Signia Pure Primax 13 BT 7px
The market value of this device is $3,498.00 for a pair. This hearing aid is made up of new technology and is offered by Signia. Signia has made up a large commotion in the hearing aids, especially for iPhone. The main features of Signia Pure Primax 13 BT 7px include HD binaural, a benefit of audio-logic with the help of Bluetooth, direct streaming, compatibility with my control app. There are a number of people who buy the hearing aids for the quality of utilization with this device is a direct use of the iPhone hearing aid.

Oticon Opn 1 BTE13 PP
The Oticon Opn provides the brand-new range of hearing aids in the market from the company Oticon. The retail price of this device is $3,695.00. This device runs on the same software as the previous versions which is Open miniRITE, and it also connects to the iPhone, Oticon remote control as well as the audio streamer for television. Features include water-resistant coating, a telecoil, push button for better connectivity, IP rating both liquid and solid, expendable batteries, volume control, compatibility with Android, cancellation, and reduction of noise, better processing channels, automatic phone programming, and many more.

Starkey Halo iQ RIC 312 i2400
Starkey Halo iQ is the third generation of Halo with new features such as water-resistant coating, spendable batteries, improved synchronization, also the processing channels, low frequency, tinnitus relief, directivity, as well as noise reduction. The market value of this device is $1,549. One can also use Halo relies on Starkey’s TruLink app for better connectivity and knowledge. This product comes up with a 3-year warranty. Therefore, you can return or exchange the device in case of any damage. The cost of replacement comprises of a substitution instrument and also an appointment of in-person with your localized supplier to assure that the hearing aid is organized in a correct way. This device provides better hearing sensation in all the challenging surroundings. It has an improved speech recognition and customized tinnitus relief.

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