Top 4 stylish jewelry brands for men

Top 4 stylish jewelry brands for men

When it comes to men’s fashion, men’s jewelry has often been underrated. However, thanks to social media influencers on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, men’s jewelry now occupies a prime spot when it comes to fashion. The best thing is that there are now brands that create designs that range from classic and traditional to quirky and fun fashion accessories for men.

Read on to know some of the popular makers of men’s jewelry. Although men’s jewelry trends do often include earring, chains or necklaces, bracelets or bangle watches, this list is more for the understated and minimalistic category.

Dolan Bullock
Dolan Bullock has been one of the oldest brands specializing in men’s accessories and jewelry. Crafted using unique techniques and interesting materials, each piece of jewelry symbolizes tradition and class. The range of products include cufflinks, tie accessories, pendants, money clips, and bracelets. Made using stainless steel, sterling silver, gemstones, and 14 karats and 18 karats gold, each of the product symbolizes impeccable and refined taste. Dolan Bullock collections are exclusively available at Bloomingdale’s, Ben Bridge, and other luxury and fine retailers.

GTO London
A fairly new jewelry brand in the market, GTO London was founded in 2010 by Victoria Lyon. The jewelry line takes its design inspiration from classic cars, especially, the Ferrari. The cufflinks, key fobs, lapel pins, and money clips in each of the collections of GTO London are inspired by the distinctive design of the components and interiors of classical motor cars. This jewelry brand also creates bespoke pieces customized according to the personal styles and preferences of any client. The collections include only limited-edition pieces; therefore, clients are assured of exclusivity.

John Hardy
One of the leading brands in artisanal jewelry, this jewelry brand from Hong Kong takes its design inspiration from nature and Asian art. The bold and exotic designs combine the techniques of classical European and traditional Balinese schools of jewelry making. They specialize in hand-crafted men’s jewelry, including bracelets, cufflinks, rings, and chains. Each piece of jewelry is sleek, stylish and elegantly adds to a dapper look without going over-the-top.

Jan Leslie
For those looking for something quirky, Jan Leslie’s collection of hand-painted enamel and semi-precious stone jewelry can be a great choice. The collection includes accessories like cufflinks, stud sets, bracelets, tie bars, lapel pins, and collar stays made of vibrant and fresh designs. The motifs are inspired by symbols ranging from animals to sports.

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