4 exercises to keep joint pain at bay

4 exercises to keep joint pain at bay

Those who suffer from frequent joint pain and stiffness, regular joint exercises can give relief and also prevent joint pain from occurring again. Doing joint exercises can also prevent symptoms of arthritis, gout, and other illnesses associated with joints and muscles. Joint exercises ensure that there is sufficient movement of the joints; this improves the range of motion of the joints and lowers the risk of pain and stiffness. Such joint exercises also increase the muscle strength and improve the overall health of the person. Mood levels are elevated, and the quality of life also improves. Here are a few exercises that help to strengthen joints and prevent joint pain.

  • Walking
    Walking is the best form of joint exercise. It is the simplest way of exercising all the joints of the body. There is no special training required, and it can be done anywhere. However, ensure that proper shoes are worn that give the necessary support to the feet. Wear clothes that let the skin breathe and sweat to evaporate. Walking also helps in weight loss, which alleviates strain on the joints, especially in the knees and lowers back. Walking is a low-intensity cardio exercise, which helps to improve the heart health as well.
  • Swimming
    Swimming is an effective aerobic exercise that soothes joints and strengthens them. Muscle strength also increases with regular swimming. When done for at least 16 weeks, swimming or water-based aerobics exercises reduces the instances of joint pain. Regular swimming also helps in weight loss, improves sleep cycle, and balances mood.
  • Cycling
    Cycling has smoother motions that make it an ideal joint exercise for people with joint pain and stiffness. Cycling for at least three times a week is recommended to improve joint movement, specifically in the legs. Cycling also helps to strengthen muscles of the calves and thighs. However, cycling is not advisable for people who have low strength in their hands since they will not have proper grip while pedaling and steering the cycle.
  • Tai chi and yoga
    Yoga and tai chi exercises improve balance and coordination through a better body awareness. A person becomes conscious of the position of the joints and their movements during various activities. This awareness helps to prevent joint injury and reduce joint pain. The various exercises of yoga and tai chi also help to improve flexibility and range-of-motion of the joints. There is an improvement in the body posture while walking, standing, and sitting.

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