5 cell phone plans that give you the best of everything

5 cell phone plans that give you the best of everything

Earlier, cell phone users were bound by two-year contracts with their carriers. The flipside of such contract-bound deals was that users were restricted from switching their carrier midway even if they experienced unsatisfactory service. Cell phone usage changes quite frequently. You must have assumed you are not a heavy data user and may have opted for a small data plan for your cell phone. Probably you needed more data later on, but there was no way to change your cell phone plan. Your service provider may have let you use extra data, but at an extra cost. The other way round was also true. You probably took up a huge data plan, only to realize later that you were a light data user. But you were stuck with your current plan for two years and there was no way out unless you shelled out a penalty to change your plan or carrier. Things, however, changed in 2013.

In 2013, T-Mobile was one of the first major cell phone plan carriers to stop its two-year contract plans. Following this, all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint dropped their two-year contract plans and started offering their best cell phone plans on an installment basis. This has been a win-win solution for the carriers as well as cell phone users. Carriers no longer have to cover the costs of expensive cell phone plan subsidies and users can take advantage of multiple perks such as low-cost best mobile plans, ability to switch cell phone plans without any penalties, more transparency in the billing, and the advantage of comparing multiple cell phone plans.

With such benefits brought in by the carriers, the number of best cell phone plans in the market has been outstanding. Cell phone users have more options and flexibility to choose their cell phone plans. On the other, it has become quite overwhelming to decide which are the best cell phones deals in the market. To help users figure out the best wireless mobile plans for themselves, we have the best cell phone plans compared here. Read on to know more about some of the most popular and best cell phone service plans in the market:

MetroPCS $30 Unlimited Plan
This is one of the most affordable and best cell phone plans available from MetroPCS. There is no annual contract and the plan includes 2GB 4G LTE data with which users can stream 2 hours of videos, 100 hours of music, and surf social media for around 100 hours. The plan also includes a Scam ID, Wi-Fi calling, voice mail, and visual voicemail features.

Cricket Wireless $55 Auto-pay Plan
With $55 per month and data speeds of up to 3 Mbps, this is one of the best cell phone plans with unlimited data. With an auto-pay option, users get a $5 service credit each month and only have to pay $50 for the plan. The plan includes unlimited video and music streaming, unlimited downloads, unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages across the country.

T-Mobile One Plan
No best cell phone plans list is complete without mentioning T-Mobile One plan. This $40 per month plan for one line includes unlimited talk, text, and data along with streaming unlimited music and videos. The plan includes a Netflix subscription for 2-screen at no extra cost. There are no surprise fees as the $40 per month charge includes taxes and fees.

AT&T Unlimited Enhanced Plans
These plans from AT&T start at $40 per month for a single line with $160 for 4 lines. The plans include unlimited 4G LTE data, high definition video streaming, an HBO for life subscription, unlimited roaming in Mexico and Canada, and unlimited texting from the U.S to around 120 countries. Special military discounts are also available with these plans.

Verizon Single Device Plans
Users looking for easy and affordable single device plans can opt for these plans from Verizon. If a cell phone user has a basic phone, they can opt for a $30 per month plan that includes 500MB data and unlimited talking and texting. For tablet owners, there is the $10 per month plan with 1GB data and unlimited text and talk.

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