5 simple tricks to improve your pizza delivery services

5 simple tricks to improve your pizza delivery services

Here’s a food that is someone’s comfort food, and serves as a party snack at the same time; you and your date can bond over this food, or you can have a guy’s football night at home with this snack. It’s the all-time favorite pizza we are talking about. Have you ever heard of people shunning pizzerias due to inflation? The answer is no. So, if a pizzeria is your future venture, you need to be well-versed with the art of pizza delivery. People usually come to pizzerias to have their fill of pizzas, but there are others who wish to enjoy their delicious pizzas in the comfort of their home. To retain such customers, one needs a pizza delivery that is impeccable.

Here are some tips to make your pizza delivery flawless.

  • Set the time frame- When you declare that your pizza will reach the customer within 30 minutes, it is your responsibility that the pizza reaches the customer within the said time period. If the pizza delivery person doesn’t reach the address within the said time, you will have to give certain compensation in order to retain the customer.
  • Point of Sale (POS) System– It is understood that you will be receiving a lot of orders throughout the day, and it is impossible to keep track of these without a POS System. If you already have one, it is advisable to upgrade it, and it can efficiently help keep track of the others you receive throughout the day. Dedicate a space in your pizzeria that is solely meant for delivery services and have it equipped properly.
  • The need for speed- Nobody likes a soggy pizza, so when they place an order, the customers expect timely pizza delivery services. You need to train your drivers to drive fast, without compromising their safety. If they are new to the area, a GPS can always come in handy. Also, it will be an additional help if the pizza delivery drivers studied alternative routes to save time.
  • Check the orders twice– When you give the wrong order to the customer at the pizzeria, it can be changed. But, when this fiasco occurs during a pizza delivery process, replacing the order can be quite problematic. So, double check the orders before it leaves the pizzeria. You wouldn’t want a disgruntled customer, would you?
  • Advertise- If you wish for your pizzeria to be famous for its delicious pizzas and the timely pizza delivery services, the advertisement is the only way you can reach out to the masses. Also, customer reviews come in handy in such cases. So, devise innovative ways of advertising your pizzeria and let people know how amazing it is!

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