6 easy ways to earn tips while delivering pizzas

6 easy ways to earn tips while delivering pizzas

Pizzas can never go out of style since everyone right from children to older adults are fond of this enticing dish whose origin can be traced to Italy. As a result of you can come across various pizzerias or pizza chains spread across the town. What has enhanced these pizzerias’ appeal is that the pizza delivery services allow people to relish the slice of heaven in the comfort of their home. If it’s a child’s birthday party or a girls-night-in, a large pizza will be the favorite on everyone’s menu. If you are a part of the pizza delivery brigade, a pizza delivery is a chance to earn some quick buck since people pay good tips when they are happy with your pizza delivery services.

Here are easy ways to earn good tips during the pizza delivery service.

  • The first thing that can prompt a customer to give you a thumbs-up is being on time. When your pizza delivery services say that the pizza will reach its destination within 30 minutes, you need to be on their doorstep at the same time. Nothing can help you get tips more than being on time.
  • Customers value honesty above anything. So, whatever the bill and how meager the change, ensure that you return the change. Do not assume that the customer doesn’t want it. It might be a few cents, but your honesty might be rewarded in dollars.
  • Everyone likes being cared for, and your customers are no different. When you are out on a pizza delivery ensure that you carry some add-ons with you. Of course, you aren’t allowed to carry extra food with you, but you can surely carry some napkins, extra ketchup, seasonings, etc. This shows that you value your customer.
  • Nobody goes to work dressed sloppily, and this implies that you cannot embark on your pizza delivery routine unless you are properly dressed. Being presentable indicates that you take your work seriously, and also is a mark of respect towards the customer.
  • The customer wouldn’t be too pleased if you mix up their orders, and then you lose out on a potential tip. So, before leaving the pizzeria, ensure that you double check all the orders before you set out to deliver pizzas.
  • When you communicate with the customer, be polite and smile at them. Everybody likes well-mannered people. If their pet’s tag along with them, do not shoo them away. In case something goes wrong, apologize and assure them this won’t happen again.

All these above-mentioned hacks will ensure that you receive a good tip and will portray your pizzeria in a positive light.

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