A Comparison of the Best Business Phone Plans

A Comparison of the Best Business Phone Plans

Cell phones have become a necessity for every business, be it small or big. Gone are the days when only the top bosses used mobile phones. Today, perhaps it is the market executives who need mobile phones the most. No one can deny the need of an individual to stay connected for work and business requirements. Therefore, even if you own a small business, you should think about getting mobile phones and mobile phone plans for your employees. You need to compare business phone plans to understand all your options. Following are some business phone plans from the top carriers in the country that you should compare to get the best deal.

AT&T – Share Flex Plan
AT&T offers the best full-featured plans for business purposes. This company is a telecom giant, and it provides offers and plans that are affordable. Currently, AT&T offers 20 different cell phone plans for businesses of all sizes. If you’ve compared business cell phone plans, you’ll notice that all the plans offered by this company come with free unlimited national calls, free roaming within the country, and unlimited national and international text messages. They also have basic features like voicemail, call forwarding, call-waiting, caller ID, and conference calls. Share Flex plan is AT&T’s least expensive business plan that starts at around $45 per month per connection.

Verizon – Business Unlimited Plan
Verizon is a huge telecom company in the country that serves more than 150 million customers. It is an obvious choice for small businesses because it offers almost all the essential facilities in a phone and has national as well as international coverage. The business plans of this company start at around $45 and go up as you add more lines to a connection. As the number of lines increases, the price per line goes down. Verizon’s Business Unlimited plan is ideal for businesses with a fixed size that have no plans for expansion.

T-Mobile – Unlimited Business
T-Mobile offers one of the best deals if you compare business phone plans available in the country. T-Mobile offers two business plans, one of which is the unlimited business plan that starts at roughly $25. The second is ONE for Business, which costs approximately $120 for two lines. Both the business plans offer the same features including call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, conference calls, and Wi-Fi calling. These business plans also offer unlimited free calling in the country as well as in Canada and Mexico, along with unlimited texting, data, and mobile hotspot.

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