All You Need to Know About Buying or Adopting a Yorkie

All You Need to Know About Buying or Adopting a Yorkie

People say that good things come in small packages. This expression is especially true for describing Yorkshire Terriers. Nicknamed Yorkies, this lovable pet and show dog originated in Scotland, and its features were perfected in England. Initially, this breed was used to catch rats in clothing mills! But with evolution, Yorkies have become one of the most popular companion dogs.

Having a lifespan of 12-16 years along with a cheerful, energetic, and playful temperament, Yorkies can be the perfect friends for people who live alone. Additionally, under supervision, sensitive Yorkshire terrier puppies can learn to be friendly with children as well as other dogs; this is because they have a curious and loyal nature, and they thoroughly enjoy the company of humans and other animals. Growing up to 7-9 inches in height and weighing about 5-7 pounds as adult dogs, Yorkies are perfectly suited for crowded city life. These tiny dogs are one of American Kennel Club’s original breeds. It does not shed hair, is intelligent, and quite easy to train.

If you are interested in raising these lapdogs, you can find Yorkies for sale at many breeders and kennels all over the country. Log on to any of these websites:,,, or The American Kennel Club’s website at and search for Yorkshire Terrier puppies or Yorkies on sale to find registered litters. This very popular dog breed has an entire website dedicated to it, the There is a wealth of information about this breed along with information about Yorkies for sale across the country.

However, if you don’t wish to purchase a Yorkie on sale, you can find adoption options for this breed’s puppies and adult dogs at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America at, and at Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue (, where you can find Yorkshire Terriers that have been saved from danger or distressing circumstances and given a new lease of life. So if you truly care and want to adopt a Yorkie puppy or an adult dog, and are not particular about its age or other handicaps that the animal might have, then these are the websites where you can conduct some research and learn more about them. It is fulfilling and heartwarming to relocate Yorkies found in distressing situations and health conditions. You can provide them with a new home where they can find love and affection.

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