An overview of iPhone 7 Plus

An overview of iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus jet black edition offers a slew of new features ranging from a longer battery life to simply packing more weight into it. Apple’s upgrade life cycle being is 3 years. So if it’s time to upgrade, or if you’ve always wanted to know the differences between the iPhone 7 plus jet black and the iPhone 7, you’ve come to the right page.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. iPhone 7
In terms of size, the iPhone 7 plus measures 5.5-inches and is bigger than the iPhone 7 which sports a 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 sport an A10 Fusion chip which offers quad-core processors. They are both one of the first lineups of phones which have quad core processing. The addition of these 4 cores makes them outperform previous models such as the iPhone 6 plus and the original iPhone.

In an Apple iPhone 6s 128GB sale, when compared side by side with the iPhone 7 plus, offers different storage variants. Both these models offer storage capacities of 128GB and a maximum of 256GB. In terms of the system architecture, Apple has incorporated a 64-bit system architecture which is up 40% faster than the A9 fusion chip. Graphics performance has increased by 50% when compared with the A9 fusion chip. As for what the iPhone 7 plus can do, it can run one hour longer in 4G LTE mode than the iPhone 7.

Its heavier weight is due to its longer battery life. Camera and shoot quality is nearly the same when compared with the iPhone 7.

Other distinctive features which stand out include the pixel density and the dimensions. The iPhone 7 plus has a 401 PPI density versus a 326 PP offered by the iPhone 7. What this means is that you get sharper and more detailed images with the iPhone 7 Plus when compared with the iPhone 7.

If you’re interested in the comfort department, the iPhone 7 Plus is a bit harder to grip and hold when compared with the iPhone 7 due to its enormous size. The iPhone 7 plus’s display is a lot better than the iPhone 7. There’s 3GB of RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus model whereas there’s only 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 7.

Another thing that stands out is that two of the cores are dedicated to basic tasks like browsing the web, checking email, and editing documents. The other two cores are dedicated to high-end tasks like intensive gaming and cutting-edge performance. The quad cores are split up this way and this is something different you get with the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7.

If you’re hunting for an iPhone 6s 128 GB sale, iPhone 6 for sale, free iPhone 6S, or a free iPhone 5s, you can get these in online giveaways or even land up with a free iPhon e 6 from websites like Xpango by giving referrals to your friends or participating in their customer or user surveys. Otherwise, buying directly from the Apple store or getting refurbished models to try out is cheaper as well.

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