An overview on top rated 529 plans

An overview on top rated 529 plans

529 plans are state-sponsored investment plans designed to help families save for college. To find the best 529 plan for you and your family, look at the overall picture, not just at the tax benefits offered. Owing to the compounding nature of the investment return, the sooner you save, the more your money will grow.

Every state has a minimum of one 529 plan, thus offering you a variety of options to choose from. Earnings and withdrawals on these contributions are not taxable.

Utah Educational Savings Plan
This includes Vanguard and Dimensional funds, a fixed income fund from the state treasurer and a FDIC insured account. The reliability and performance of this plan is rated one of the highest.

New York’s 529 College Savings Plan Direct Plan
It’s reliability and performance are the highlights. This plan uses Vanguard mutual funds and allows the investor to link their accounts to the Upromise rewards service, thereby allowing users to earn cash back.

Virginia 529 inVEST
Mutual funds from Vanguard and Parnassus are offered in this plan. The option of using age-based investments that automatically shift towards conservative assets as college nears is a highlight.

USAA 529 College Savings Plan
Nevada’s 529 plan uses USAA mutual funds. Age-based investment, as well as static investment options, are provided. Accounts can be linked to Upromise rewards service, which offers cash back from select merchants.

T.Rowe Price College Savings Plan
Reliability and performance of Alaska’s 529 plan make it one of the top rated 529 plans. It provides special features for University of Alaska students. Age-based investment options, that grow conservative with time, and static investment options are offered.

Florida 529 Savings Plan
It uses money management firms to manage its funds. The static option available offers eight individual investment funds and three pre-designed investment portfolios.

Ohio CollegeAdvantage 529 Savings Plan
Three age-based options, fourteen static investment options using Vanguard funds, are some of the options available. Other notable ones are static ones from PIMCO and GE Asset Management.

College Savings Iowa
This plan ranks high in reliability and has friendly cost features. Age-based investment options and ten individually customized static options are offered.
College Savings Plan of Maryland College Investment Plan. Fourteen different investment options based on risk factors are available. This plan allows you to move between portfolios and also invest in multiple portfolios.

Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Plan
American Century manages this Kansan plan. Several static options, including tobacco-free One Choice portfolios, are available. Three age based investment options, including one with Vanguard index funds, is also available.

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