Biotech investments that are worth the money and risk

Biotech investments that are worth the money and risk

One of the many sectors that investors may consider is the biotechnology field. As interesting as it may sound, it is risky to invest in company stocks in this area as historically, this has been proven. If it pays off, then the rewards are maximum but if it doesn’t, then it isn’t a surprise since in most cases, biotechnology products have struggled acceptance in the market.

However, new tax reforms that cut corporate tax payments from 35% to 21% will drive up more mergers and acquisitions, which tend to positively impact the share prices of these companies. Fortunately, there are many such biotech companies, like the ones mentioned below, who have consistently performed and are estimated to grow in the second half of the year.

  • CRISPR Therapeutics AG
    Also known as CRSP in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, this Switzerland-based company has taken over the American market by storm within just five years of its foundation. Annually, it has a staggering growth of 213.4%. The gene editing firm has seen loss estimates fall to a mere 9% for 2019 over the last month or so. At the moment, this seems to the best biotech stock to buy.
  • Aeglea Biotherapeutics Inc.
    Based out of Texas, this firm was founded in 2013 and its shares have registered 88.9% returns this year, having an annual growth rate of 15.3%. Famous for its human enzyme research that may cure rare genetic diseases as well as cancer, it is bound to have fewer loss estimates, which come up to a mere 7.5% for the next year.
  • Athersys, Inc.
    Known as ATHX in NASDAQ terms, this is the best biotech stock to buy if one is looking for maximum reliability and reward at the same time. It has made a reputation for itself in inventing therapies for regenerative medicine since 1995. The Ohio-based firm is expected to record a 426.4% growth in sales in 2018. Its shares have seen 35.9% returns this year. Its loss estimates are a little on the higher side, coming up to 19.6% for 2019.
  • Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Based out of San Diego, it is known as LGND in NASDAQ stocks. It is known for having economic rights i.e. licensing of some of the most important medicines in the world. As a result, its shares have posted 39.8% returns in 2018 and sales have grown 37.7% as well. Its loss estimates are just 8% for 2019.

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