Choosing between regular and cloud business VoIP system for small business

Choosing between regular and cloud business VoIP system for small business

Most of the new business owners think that business VoIP and cloud VoIP system are the same things. But the fact is that the only thing that is similar to them is that they help in reducing the overall calling cost of the business venture. A virtual system is an automated answering system that works well only if you have to receive and record a client call but a cloud business system is a fully integrated and highly professional grade of connection.

When choosing a cloud VoIP business system for small businesses, some factors help play essential roles in the selection process. Some of these factors have been explained as under:

  • The cloud features are specially designed keeping in mind that it should be accessible to every business user despite the size of the company.
  • A fully integrated system with UC features enables the productivity of employees to increases many times as the system has everything installed in a compact design.
  • A cloud-based phone gives you features such as the business class entity that lets you forward calls, transcribe messages that are on the voicemail, hold call, synchronizes the contact list with office phone system for the ease of use and a three-way conference system so that you can merge more than one person into the same conversation. It also has standard features like the auto attendant that lets you record a generalized message for anyone who calls on the system. The IVR will lead you to the relevant employee in a structured manner.
  • Another feature that makes the cloud VoIP business system for small businesses are coveted option is the softphone feature. It helps you detach your phone connection from the office phone and transfer the calls to your Android or iOS simultaneously. So you can access calls even when you are away from your desk. With the help of this feature, most of the employees have been able to work more productively.
  • There is no need to configure external hardware and keep a dedicated person to manage things on a regular basis. Eventually, the cost is reduced and a lot of time is saved that can be brought to better use.
  • You can get as many extensions as you want in the same system. So, even if the number of employees increases, you won’t have to spend much to connect them to the client.

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