Delicious chicken salad recipes with a surprise

Delicious chicken salad recipes with a surprise

Experimenting with food can be therapeutic and the experiment only gets more exciting if you are dealing with chicken salad. Chicken salad can be made in sundry ways and with a varied blend of ingredients. Check out this list of chicken salad recipes with a sudden surprising twist!

Chicken jello salad recipe
Generally made with fruits and rarely with veggies, Jello salad can work very well with boiled chicken. It may be an unconventional recipe but the finished product is surely going to make you crave for some more. To make the salad, you could choose lime Jello or the orange one, some cranberry or blueberry sauce and gelatin. Once you soften the gelatin, add chicken, celery, onions, mayo, jello and lime juice and mix well. Once you thoroughly stir all the ingredients, make sure to refrigerate the salad overnight. This refreshing new chicken salad with jello is surely going to win accolades from all your guests.

Chicken Italian green salad recipes
Usually made without the chicken, this salad is as Italian as it can get. To make the salad use roughly chopped parsley, fresh basil, dried oregano, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil and of course chicken. To ensure your salad isn’t bland toss all the ingredients together and add the dressings gradually and adjust the seasoning. Adding chicken to this all green salad will not only make it tasty but also make it so much more wholesome!

Roasted broccoli and chicken nacho salad
This salad comes with an overload of nutrition and a bit of a crunch. Toss some roasted broccoli, cherry tomato, boiled chicken, purple cabbage, red onions and some fresh corianders with a light dressing and some olive oil, mix until all ingredients are submerged in the dressing. Once thoroughly stirred, add some nacho or tortilla crumbles over the salad and serve immediately!

Crispy chicken salad with szechuan
This salad will bring an Asian flair to your palate, it is quick, easy to make and so flavorful and delicious! Before tossing up the salad fry egg coated chicken strips in a pan and make them crisp. To make the salad use water chestnuts, orange juice, bell peppers, crushed garlic and olive oil and add some szechuan sauce in the salad bowl along with the crispy chicken. Mix well and serve hot! The salad is so punchy and unique that you would end up making this over and over again!

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