Different Styles And Materials Of Outdoor Furniture That You Should Know

Different Styles And Materials Of Outdoor Furniture That You Should Know

The modern houses require an elegant patio that can exude eloquence in terms of adding beauty to the entire home environment. The interior decorators have come up with several styles that can do justice to the expansion of the living room. Moreover, they have been able to find sturdy and firm materials that can long last during bad weather conditions.

Classic patio style

The classic outlook can fall behind any style in the era. Generally decorated with heavyweight pieces of furniture made of wood, the style remains ageless always. The small amount of mix-up with cushions and pillows on the wooden seating arrangement can complement the outlook of the house. In addition to the context, the teak outdoor furniture is durable even in the stormy summer nights.

Information on teak

This is known to be one of the strongest wooden materials that are proven to remain intact even in the adverse natural conditions. There is no doubt that teak makes the ideal choice for the outdoor furniture as the pieces of patio furniture do not even require frequent maintenance.

  • Extracted from the teak oil, natural teak is efficient for insect and weather resistant. Additionally, fungal decay cannot do much harm to the furniture.
  • Generally, the pieces of furniture are seen to turn gray because of the continuous exposure to the sunlight; however, teak does not show any sign of graying even after 50 years.
  • Tectona grandis is mainly found in Indonesia and the renowned furniture manufacturers choose to work with this teak because of its premium quality and durability. This is considered to be the most durable and costliest wood to be ever used in the patio furniture for your outdoor space.
  • However, the manufacturers may often fool you by making false promises of giving out real teak furniture. The wood may not be Tectona Grandis which can lead you to face monetary loss. If you are looking for buying teak furniture sets, you can visit Amazon to check out the enticing collection from the renowned manufacturers including wholesale teak.

Rustic style

As the name suggests, this style is completely decorated with natural components for catering to the user’s love for outdoor. Apart from teak, Brazilian cherry, Jarrah, and mahogany are other popular wooden materials that are used for making the beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture for the patio area.

Brazilian cherry

This is one of the instances of dense wood that is evidently seen in South America. The longevity and durability have made the material popular in the market as well. Lasting for a long period in the outdoor environment, this can be ideal for the patio furniture.

  • As teak is prohibited to some extent and expensive compared to any other wooden material, Brazilian cherry can be a popular substitute for it. Moreover, it can surpass sturdiness of teak and the quality of being water resistant.
  • The natural deep red color of the material can add life to the entire outdoor environment. However, you should keep in mind that if the material is left oiled or unfinished for a long period, it can start showing grey or silvery patches.
  • Painting is required over the wood as the painting has the ability to offer extra protective layer to fight against the strong UV rays and moisture.

How to take care of wooden furniture

Proper maintenance is required for the wooden outdoor furniture unlike the pieces of patio furniture made of aluminum. If you want to retain the natural wood color, you can put on sealers and oils to cover it up. In order to get rid of stickiness or gumminess, you should proper measures because this can lead to fungal decay.

  • You can clean the furniture with a soft bristle brush and mild dishwashing component. Add water and little bit of bleach to get the best the results.
  • Cleaning should be done with the products that are made for the outdoor furniture and not for the indoor furniture. This will help the patio or the backyard area beautiful and clean.
  • Repainting is needed in every few years for protecting against graying and deterioration of quality.

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