Different ways to make your cell phone battery last longer

Different ways to make your cell phone battery last longer

No matter how fancy, high-tech and stylish your mobile phone maybe, its value is good as nil once the phone charge runs out. You become stranded as you are unable to message, check your emails or make an urgent call. You must have faced this ordeal at times. So, given below are some simple tips that will help to ensure that your cell phone battery lasts longer and does not put you in these tough situations.

  • Ensure you do check out android updates
    Although updating your apps seems quite an ordeal, bear in mind the fact that this move actually aids in augmenting the battery life as well as the overall functioning of your smartphone. So, always ensure you install the most recent version of the various apps you require.
  • Keep your wallpaper black
    If you have an AMOLED display for your smartphone, it has been found that black background wallpapers help your batteries to last longer. This is because it takes comparatively lower energy to illuminate dark colors like black.
  • Switch off haptic feedback and vibration
    One hardly realizes that slight vibrations even when you are typing on your mobile uses a lot of battery and so switching off “Haptic Feedback” is a good move that will help you save your battery for the day.
  • Switch on the Airplane Mode
    Although this solution is not practical every day, turning on the airplane mode is guaranteed to aid your battery last longer. This works wonders if you are by any chance traveling via an area that has very poor network that will ensure that you do not receive any messages, calls, and texts.
  • Get rid of screen widgets
    There are umpteen widgets on every Android phone that offers you ample data on the display. However, it would be a smart move if you get rid of these widgets like stock apps, weather apps or even scoreboards as they can absorb so much of your battery charge while obtaining information.
  • Keep a check on your WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS
    This is yet another simple trick to make sure that your cell phone battery lasts longer. Never turn both mobile data and WiFi together. And bear in mind to switch off the Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC when you are not using them.

Last but not the least, do remember to switch on your battery saver mode when you find that you are running low on battery.

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