Easy bruising – Causes and treatments

Easy bruising – Causes and treatments

Contusion or bruises are caused when there are injuries to soft tissues. If looked closely then it is seen that bruises occur underneath the broken skin. The damage is then seen through skin tissues. But before we get into easy bruising treatment, let us look at some of the main causes that lead to easy bruising.

The causes of easy bruising?
It is simply that the damage to soft tissues causes the blood vessels under the skin to break. These red blood cells escape out from the capillaries and then get collected under the skin. This results in the blue color of the bruise.

Some of the people might get easily bruised, and there are a number of reasons for easy bruising. Old age and think skin are two of the reasons that can intensify easy bruising. The blood vessels become fragile, and a person can easily get bruised without much intensity of the impact as well.

Easy bruising is a sign of some type of medical condition. If a person is easily bruised, then there is the immediate need for attention. Contact the doctor and take precautions. Also, insufficient production of platelets is also one of the causes of easy bruising. Platelets are the components of the blood, which help to control the wall leaks in the injured blood vessels. This very disorder is also known as thrombocytopenia. It is indicative of situations such as alcohol abuse or anemia. One can rule out these possibilities

Another reason or cause of easy bruising is the deficiency of vitamin K. Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables. Lack of vitamin C can also be the cause of easy bruising.

Let us look at some of the effective, easy bruising treatments:

Aloe vera
Considered as one of the most effective easy bruising treatments, aloe vera also is good for soothing skin irritation. Rub aloe vera where the bruise occurs and let it rest for some time.

Vitamin C capsules
In case of a person bruises easily, the person can resort to vitamin C capsules that can be of great help. Two supplements a day can provide antioxidant that strengthens the capillaries and bond the collagen fibers.

Arnica gel
Applying arnica gel on the bruise can be an effective treatment. Arnica is from the daisy plant family and is found in the Rocky Mountains.

Keep these handy tips in mind whenever you are looking for easy bruising treatments.

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