Importance of basic features in Tablets

Importance of basic features in Tablets

Tablets made their entrance in the personal computer marketplace with a bang. Apple was the first to introduce tablets to the tech world. It launched iPad way back in 2010. Since then the craze for this device has seen growth at a meteoric rate. Nowadays, almost every cell phone and PC manufacturer have tablets to offer. Your interest in buying a tablet is understandable since it is so much useful. However, to ensure that it proves functional to you, it is important to purchase the one that you think is the best. Usefulness is measured by the features a tablet has. Thus, find out the most important features based on which you need to make the purchase.

Operating System
Different tablets come with different OS. There are four OS in use now. These are Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry Tablet OS. Based on your preference you can choose anyone of these.

Screen Size and Resolution
Tablets come in sizes between 5 inches and 12 inches. You need to buy the tablet of the size that you can make proper use of. In other words, buy the one that suits your requirements the most. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality would be. Thus, if you need the tablet for watching HD movies, you must buy one with high resolution.

Memory (RAM)
The RAM on tablets cannot be upgraded later. Thus, you must choose a tablet with the required amount of RAM that would make itself somewhat useful when you work on the tablet.

Wireless Connectivity
The reason people use the tablet in place of PC is that of its inbuilt Wi-Fi system. However, there are two versions of Wi-Fi. Check which one you would need depending on what you intend to do with the tablet.

Tablets would not necessarily have inbuilt speakers like laptops. Even if some models do have speakers, they will not make much sound. Yet you must check the speaker sound before buying the tablet.

Battery Life
Buying a tablet with a good battery life is extremely important so that you can use it for a longer period without recharging it. Check the battery specification correctly before making the purchase.

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