Features of the LCD TV you must know about

Features of the LCD TV you must know about

TV may be termed as the family’s best friend. It is something that everybody looks forward to watching after a tiring day or spend quality time with family and friends. In addition to this, TV’s are affordable, and it is a device which need not be replaced for years. Today, the market is flooded with different types of TVs spoiling a person for choice. Among the many TVs available, LCD TV is the most popular type of TV. However, before owing the best LCD TV, you should know its benefits and whether it suits your needs. The best part is; you can easily buy the best LCD TV online at the best price too!

Some of the popular brand names in LCD TVs are:


  • What is a LCD?
    It is a type of television that makes use of Liquid Crystal Display technology. Such TVs consume less power as they work on the principle of blocking light instead of emitting light. LCD technology is useful to display online videos, graphics and text solutions. The technology continues to evolve, and today several mobile devices, applications, and smart-phones are reliant on LCD (touch screen) technology.
  • What are the benefits of LCD TVs?
    LCD TVs do have the edge over other current TV technologies and offer more benefits compared to the older technologies. Before buying the best LCD TV, have a look at the benefits it has to offer;
  • Viewing Angle
    The best LCD TV offers you a wide viewing angle. It means that viewers do not have to sit right in front of the TV set to view the images on the screen. An LCD TV has a typical viewing angle of 175 degrees which means a person can sit directly in front of the TV or up to 87 degrees on either side. Try the LG OLED for instance, for better viewing or the Samsung LCD TV. Screens of these TVs can be moved for a change in color clarity.
  • Resolution
    Owing to a large number of pixels used, LCD TVs can display graphics and images in high definition (HD). The best LCD TV has a minimum resolution of 1080p compared to the 720p of an HDTV. Also, today it is difficult to find an LCD TV that does not have a high-definition display. The Sony Bravia and Samsung 4K Ultra HD TVs are popular for their high-quality resolution.
  • Screen Size
    You can avail the best LCD TV from among a wide range of screen sizes. Be it a 13 inches portable LCD TV or a 70 inches LCD TV for your home theatre system; you will find it all under LCD TV. However, it is recommended that you choose an LCD TV keeping in mind its viewing angle rather than its screen size. You can find a wide range of sizes with Samsung LCD TVs.

If you are planning to buy LCD TV in the market, have a good understanding of the features. Remember doing LCD tv comparisons and read about LCD tv reviews online. Research about LCD tv discounts and LCD tv sales before you buy one. There are great deals of LCD tv deals, and LCD tv offers going on in the market. Check for the best LCD tv prices and go for it.

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