Find the Best Mascara Based on Your Personal Choice and Requirement

Find the Best Mascara Based on Your Personal Choice and Requirement

Mascara has the ability to enhances the eyes. What you find to be the best may not be as good to somebody else. To find what is best for you, identify your requirement and accordingly start shopping for the product. To help you a little, here is a list of the best mascara varieties and corresponding products of different brands:

Lengthening Mascara
Lengthening mascaras are generally less dense. They are formulated in such a manner and contains ingredients that can easily glide and provide smooth even coverage reaching the tips. The wand bristles lengthening mascaras are more tightly packed and shorter in size to ensure the lashes are well coated from base to tip.

  • Mascara for thick eyelashes
    This type of mascaras works for people with thick eyelashes, long or short because it emphasizes is on maximizing and lengthening the lashes. You can avoid clumpy mascara by selecting this kind of wand and formulation.
  • Brands
    Lancome DEFINICILS Black Mascara is the best in the prestige category to give the lengthening effect. Mascaras in the mid-range quality brand include L’oreal Lash Out.

Volumizing Mascara
Volume building mascaras give thickness to the eyelashes thereby giving a stronger visual presence. In order to get that look, the mascaras are made with ingredients like waxes and polymers. They build on the lashes as they are applied. The wand of this kind of mascara is generally fine, longer, evenly spaced bristles offer even coats.

  • Suits best for fine eyelashes
    This mascara is ideal for people with sparse, small, fine and blonde or light colored lashes. This kind of mascara is formulated to give color, length, and thickness to the eyelashes.
  • Brands
    Lancome Hypnose Black Mascara is the best option among all the prestige brands. If you are looking for mascara within mid-range then go for L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Extender Magnifier Mascara.

Curling mascara
There are mascaras specifically formulated to curl up the lashes as well. Curled eyelashes make the eyes look wide. It creates larger looking, gorgeous dramatic eyes. The ingredients used are quite thick since they are meant to shape and hold. The polymer is the primary ingredient in this kind of mascara. The wand is packed with tightly spaced bristles to offer help while giving the upward curl.

  • Suited Best for
    People who find it difficult to use eyelash curlers can use this variety of mascara with ease and elan. Moreover, if you find other mascara brushes a bit weird, you will find the curve shape to be more feature-friendly as per your eye shape.
  • Brands
    Lancome COURBE VIRTUOSE Black mascara can easily be considered the best pick among the prestige brands range. An inexpensive option would be the L’oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara, which is also very good.

Bold and dramatic mascara
The bold and dramatic mascaras are those which offer length, volume, intense color and everything you want to get that stylish bold look.

  • Suited best for
    This is best suited for those who do not mind the feel and look of heavier mascara but really want a bold makeup style. The choice of product would depend on the kind of eyelashes you have. You can also use other products like false eyelashes to enhance the look and make it bolder.
  • Brands
    Christian Dior “DiorShow” Mascara which falls in the prestige category would give the much desired bold look to your eyelashes. Smashbox Bionic Mascara is also a very good option in the mid-range category.

Natural looking mascara
This type of mascaras gives you the look that feels soft, natural and light. However, what you actually get are longer, thicker and enhanced lashes. They are basically formulated in a specialized way to give you length, volume, and high-definition without getting clumpy.

  • Suits best for
    This mascara is for everybody who is looking for a less detectable, more natural look or for those who have sensitive eyes.
  • Brands
    In the prestige brand range, Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara is the forerunner in this category of mascara. Neutrogena Weightless Volume Wax Free Mascara, Brown Black is the one to opt for in the mid-range category.

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