Five natural remedies to dissolve kidney stones

Five natural remedies to dissolve kidney stones

Kidneys, being one of the most important organs of the human body, need proper care and attention. A slight discomfort in the kidney might cause issues on the digestive system as well. Kidney stones are formed once the kidneys are unable to excrete the waste out from the system and these, when large in size, cause excessive pain and hurt the inner lining of the organ too. One with kidney stone can also experience blockage in the urine flow, which causes extreme pain in the urinary tract.
Read on to find out how to dissolve kidney stones through five natural remedies.

Kidney beans
An excellent option for dissolving kidney stones naturally, kidney beans are a great source of magnesium. It is also true that traditionally, kidney beans were used as a medicinal tonic for dissolving kidney stones. You can boil the pods in purified water for around six hours and strain the water to consume it the whole day. This procedure also helps in reducing the symptoms that are related to the kidney stone.

Uva Ursi
One of the most common folk remedies of dissolving kidney stones is to have uva ursi. It is a plant and is believed to discourage the formation of kidney stones and also helps dissolve it once it has already formed. This natural remedy helps in cleansing the urinary tract and reduces the discomfort associated with the kidney stone.

Basil has a lot of healing properties including that of dissolving kidney stones. If a person has kidney stone then basil tea helps in keeping a check on the uric acid balance and ensures proper fluid and mineral content in the body. Having basil juice with raw honey daily helps inducing kidney stone expulsion from the urinary tract.

Pomegranate juice
Although we know that pomegranate has a number of health benefits, the seeds and juice of the fruit have properties of naturally dissolving kidney stone. The sour nature of the fruit along with the astringent properties is considered one of the best types of natural home remedy for kidney stone expulsion.

Dandelion root
A tool for cleaning the kidney and support normal kidney function, the organic dandelion root is beneficial if you are looking to dissolve kidney stones naturally.

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