Five tips to keep your home free of bed bugs

Five tips to keep your home free of bed bugs

Bed bugs are a menace. You won’t even know, but they may be all around the house if you don’t clean your house on a daily basis. If you are facing some bed bug infestation, then here are some natural home remedies for bed bug control that might help you.

  • Washing clothes in hot water
    The most commonly practiced method of bed bug control is by washing all the clothing items, bedding items, curtains and other home linens that you may feel is infested by the bed bug, in hot water. The water must be at a minimum temperature of 50°C or 122°F to effectively kill the bed bugs.
  • Essential oils
    Several essential oils like tea tree oil, cedar oil, and orange oil are harmful to bed bugs. Mix the oils with water and spray them around the house mainly on the curtains, sofa sets, beddings and your closet. They are an effective bed bug control measure and produce wonderful results.
  • Keep the indoors clean
    Bed bugs are a sign of an unclean and an ill maintained house. Clean your bedroom and your house regularly. Keeping your indoors clean is the primary source of controlling bed bug infestation. Reduce clutter. Remove personal items like stuffed animals, blankets, and electronics, etc. that you no longer use. Be mindful of throwing them away instead of transferring them to the other room as the bed bugs might infest the other room.
  • Get your house checked by pest control
    A yearly check by the bug pest control will assure you of any such infestation. They will thoroughly go through your house and give you a report on the situation of a bed bug and treat your house to free it from bed bugs infestation accordingly.

These natural bed bug tips will help you to control bed bugs infestation.

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