Four green drinks for a fitter you

Four green drinks for a fitter you

Being healthy is one of the topmost priorities these days since health is on a decline as a result of our constant quest to meet our daily needs and the luxuries we yearn for. You may hit the gym or go for a walk but unless you stick to your diet the weighing scale won’t budge an inch.

Following a diet religiously is what would get you closer to your destination. Along with healthy eating, people have now resorted to healthy drinking. Give your beer some time off and check out the green drinks that have caught people’s fancy off late. Green drinks are nothing but your vegetables concocted in a liquid form to cater to your daily intake of minerals, vitamins, fiber, magnesium, etc. Check out some of the most popular green drinks have not just worked wonders for people but also taste good once you get used to it.

  • The kiwi and spinach smoothie: Kiwi is known for its various health benefits and is very popular among those who aim at controlling their blood pressure. Spinach has high proteins, fiber, calcium and aids weight loss. This unusual combination brings to the table the perfect blend of the fruit and the vegetable and keeps you feeling full at least till your lunch.
  • The wonderful broccoli: This drink has as its ingredients- broccoli, a fuji apple,lemon and peppermint. Two veggies and the goodness of a fruit makes this drink high in antioxidants! This broccoli concoction is advisable to consume before meals as it helps absorb the different nutrients in our food that would otherwise go waste.
  • Kale apple love: Kale is rich in minerals, vitamin C and B6 and is instrumental in maintaining a healthy heart. Apple on the other hand, is one of the best antioxidants and helps the process of detoxification. So, put them in your blender and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this potion.
  • The green detox drink: This green drink is well-known for aiding the weight loss process. It has for its ingredients- green apples, stalks of celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and mint. It helps in reducing your cholesterol, improves your skin, lowers your blood pressure and has plenty other benefits.

These are just some of the popular green drinks but there are plenty of green drinks recipes if you search the internet. The best part about making such drinks is that you do not have to follow a particular set recipe. You can try your hand at mixing different ingredients and the result might surprise you as well. Make your own green drink and raise a toast to health!

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