French door fridges – Top 3 brands to consider

French door fridges – Top 3 brands to consider

If you’re a part of a big family or are from a household that plays host, you’d understand the importance of a spacious fridge. And considering something that would help keep your produce fresh is crucial. With specifications like these, French door fridges can seem the best option. Especially now, the fridges come with advanced technology like WiFi connectivity and remote operation from top brands. Here are a few brands you can consider:

Samsung is a top contender in most electronic sections today. It is no surprise that people also love their French door fridges. They deliver on performance, capacity, customer service, and more. However, among the features that make their French door fridges such a huge success, on the top is their Family Hub. This feature might seem unnecessary to some, but people have found more than a few uses for having a screen on their refrigerators. Some might use it to jot down their grocery list, and some others look up recipes. People have also been known to use the Family Hub section to mirror their TV screens, check on the door camera, and turn it into a digital picture frame. The Samsung RF23M8570SG is a great option if you are looking to invest in such a product. You can easily control this 22.2 cubic feet refrigerator with the help of a 21.5-inch screen. You have access to an auto refillable water pitcher inside the fridge, which can also be used to give you infused water.

Consumers always consider this top-rated company when buying a new refrigerator. LG offers reliable and satisfactory products, reducing the need to get in touch with the customer care service. With LG’s products, you can access a wide range of options, including French door fridges, side-by-side, top-freezer, and more. The brand is big on providing decent storage space and shelving options, too. A top French door fridge choice is the LG LFXS26973S which comes in a stainless steel body. With a capacity of 26.2 cubic feet, the fridge has a dual ice-maker and ample freezer space. It also has WiFi connectivity, external water and ice dispenser, and energy star certification.

Another great brand that delivers on its promise is GE. Refrigerators by this brand have received high ratings that are a comfort for people who have been on the fence about it. Their French door fridges are among the top contenders with great storage, capacity, reliable performance, temperature control, ice maker, and other features. GE also delivers well on their customer service, which is a plus compared to other known brands. GE’s French door fridges might also come with the door-in-door section. It can be handy for people looking for easy access to certain products in their refrigerator. However, in early 2022, GE recalled some French door fridges. You might want to check the model numbers on their website for more details about the same. The GE PVD28BYNFS is a French door fridge with four doors. This product is your choice for access to higher storage and luxury. The in-door wine storage is a definite plus for when you are hosting. The WiFi-enabled feature helps you get active updates about your fridge’s status. However, you can check the brand’s Cafe fridges if you want something high-end.

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