Guide to bedroom painting ideas

Guide to bedroom painting ideas

A home painted with soothing colors provides a relaxing and calm environment. It is very important to paint the favorite room in your house such as the bedroom, with colors that reflect not only your decorating style but even your personality. You can create a unique look for your bedroom by looking out for bedroom painting ideas online and create a beautiful and personal space. The three basic colors that can be used for painting bedrooms include use of warm colors, neutral and cool colors.Best colors to use for bedroom painting

The colors that fall in the category of cool colors are mainly pastel shades. These pastel shades include light green, light blue or light purple. These cool colors lend a soothing effect on your mind.

The warm colors are usually categorized as happy colors. Hues like bright yellow and orange add energy and vibrancy to a bedroom. It is, however, advised by experts not to make use of these bright colors as your bedroom would look small.

You can create add a calming effect in your bedroom by making use of neutral colors like gray, brown and beige. The effect of bright colors made use for the accessories in the bedroom can be suppressed by use of these muted colors. An excellent option for colors for use in bedroom includes use of combination of colors like green and blue, which are soothing to the mind and uplift your mood as well.

For boys and girls
The selection of schemes for girls and boys are different and it is a bit difficult to specify the preference of teenagers. It has been observed that girls prefer to get their room painted colorfully and tend to use colors like light blue, lavender and pink. On the other hand, boys often prefer to color their bedroom walls with bright colors or muted shades. They love to create a lively and colorful scheme. For a quick inspiration, look for bedroom painting ideas on the internet to get more ideas on the latest styles of walls.

Bedroom painting ideas for teens
It is an interesting task to look out for painting ideas for coloring the bedroom of a teenager. There are a lot of exquisite bedroom painting ideas available for bedrooms of teens as teens often wish for a bedroom that is different and unique. Narrow down the ideas that suit your teen’s taste and personality, before deciding on the color of the bedroom. You must sit along with the teenager and plan the color scheme to be used for painting his or her bedroom.

For the master room
When it comes to painting the rooms of adults, experts suggest dark shades like red and black. These colors look bold and lend a designer touch to the room. You can play with textures and designs by creating stripes on a wall by using contrasting colors. Some like the opposite way of doing up their rooms. Colors like white with a hint of golden look modern and dreamy. So, draw from these bedroom painting ideas before you beautify your abode!

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