Hair Regrowth Products Which Can Reduce Your Hair Fall Problems

Hair Regrowth Products Which Can Reduce Your Hair Fall Problems

It is a nightmare for anyone to deal with hair loss. No other thing is worse than the panic when you realize that you are losing your hair on a daily basis. The first thing that should come to your mind is whether your hair loss is permanent or temporary. There are a number of products in the market which promote the growth of hair. Using these hair regrowth products, your hair loss problem will not remain permanent. But before choosing the right product for you, it should be made sure that which product will work well for you. This article will help you understand different types of hair growth products and how they work.

Hair fall is not a problem anymore
It is usually a false alarm when you are continuously worrying about hair fall. Average yearly hair growth is 6 inches per year, and we lose 50-80 hair strands every day. While washing hair, we lose approximately 250 hair strands. If you are losing more hair more than this, then it could be a matter of concern. In this article, we are discussing some hair regrowth products which are acclaimed for their capacity of reducing hair fall and for promoting hair growth.

Sachajuan Hair Control Treatment
Enriched with Procapil, Sachajuan Hair Control Treatment is an excellent hair regrowth product which is loaded with vitamins and oleanolic acids. Procapil is known to target poor or improper circulation in the scalp, which is seen to be the main cause of alopecia. The product is quite handy and comes with a nozzle, making application easy. All you need to do is to apply the product on the scalp twice daily, and the results are guaranteed. It is available on Amazon for around $33. Its primary benefits are:

• Simple and easy to use

• Pleasant and herbal fragrance.

• Provides luster and shine to hair and makes it soft and silky

• Helps in removing excess oil from your hair

• Controls frizziness of hair

Nioxin Intensive Treatment Deep Repair Masque
Hair that is prone to breakage often tends to be prone to hair fall as well. Long hair is more likely to break as it is old. Nioxin’s repairing mask is a trusted hair regrowth product which helps in strengthening the hair as well as prevents it from external damage. This treatment is best suited chemically treated hair. Here are its benefits:

• Helps in curbing hair fall.

• Adds natural shine to your hair

• Helps in making hair smooth and manageable

• Regular use can make your hair healthier

• It is not as heavy as other oils

Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum
This hair regrowth product encourages the growth of new hair as it protects the follicles from damage by free radicals. One of its ingredients, hyaluronic acid, has anti-aging properties. You can use this product every day. Just take out 1ml of this serum into the pipette. Apply it directly to your scalp. Give it a massage in and you’re good to go. Here are some of its benefits:

• Providing a soothing effect on the scalp

• Helps in curbing hair loss

• Restores the health of your hair by properly nourishing it

• It is made from pure herbal extracts

Redken Extreme Lengths Primer
Redken Extreme Lengths Primer is a rinse-out treatment that effectively targets hair follicles, thus making them stronger and less prone to breakage and other environmental damages. All you need to do is to apply the hair regrowth product on damp hair and leave it for some time to see its magic. It is loaded with proteins and biotin that help strengthen hair’s own proteins.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibrology Masque
L’Oréal uses Sol-Gel technology to fill in the cracks caused in the hair due to external damage. It is enriched with Filloxane which actively interacts with the keratin present in the hair and helps repair the hair from inside.

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