Home decorative lighting – Things you should know

Home decorative lighting – Things you should know

Lighting is a crucial aspect of decoration, and one needs to make sure that it goes well with the entire dcor of the room. Certain decorations would look good with dim lighting, whereas others might look less significant and dull and thus in such cases bright lighting needs to be used. To make sure that the right kind of decorative lights is used, understanding of one’s space is crucial. One can also get confused with the different types of lights available such as rope lights and others and to decide on which one to choose, make sure you understand your space as well as your requirements properly.

Here are some things to know while dealing with home decorative lighting.

  • Used varied heights: Lights that are all placed at the same height might not create any impact, and it is advisable to place your lights at varied heights according to your requirement. Both indoor lights and outdoor lights can be placed at different heights to accentuate the overall look and feel of the space.
  • Bulbs are the key: The bulbs that are used in decorative lights need to be chosen carefully. A range of bulbs from fluorescent tubes to LEDs are available out of which LEDs are known to be the ideal choice, because of its low consumption of electricity and energy. A range of battery LED Christmas lights is also available which runs on battery, saving your electricity and usage of energy.
  • Decide where you need the light: Space, where you need the light, has to be decided much in advance and accordingly the type of light whether its Brightech string lights or vanity lights can be purchased. For decorative purposes, make sure your light goes well with your dcor and with your other decorative items.
  • The importance of having a dimmer: A dimmer is nothing but a device that is used to vary or change the brightness of the light. It is known to be of utmost importance as it acts as a great energy saver and also increases the bulb’s shelf life. Thus, while purchasing lights, make sure you purchase a dimmer too.
  • Vertical surfaces need to be lit: To make your room look as bright as possible, make sure you lit your vertical surfaces such as wall art or the entire wall itself. This will highlight that particular area as well as your entire room.
  • Excessive lighting can also cause trouble: Both less and excessive lighting can cause a lot of trouble, making your room look either too dull or too bright. Thus always make sure that you choose the appropriate number of decorative lights for your room.

Keep the above things mentioned in mind and brighten up your room as well as your life.

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