House cleaning tips you must know

House cleaning tips you must know

Cleaning becomes easier when you get to know about some hacks or cleaning tips. In order to get a polished house within not more than 65 minutes, follow the given tips and watch the magic.

Start with your bedroom, the very moment you get up from your bed. Look around your bedroom and have an image on your mind about the things that you need to clean and organize. After picturing the list of things to do, get up and start working.

Make your bed properly by straightening the bed cover and arranging the pillows together. Move on to the curtains and floors after this. Quickly switch on the hand-held vacuum cleaner and clean off the dust.Rearrange the stuff in your bedroom while you brew your morning coffee. Over all, it would take 10 mins to restore the neat and clean version of your bedroom.

Kitchen and clothing
While making your breakfast, clean the countertop of the kitchen and mop the floors. After having breakfast, do the dishes and the tiles. You may do this while cooking too. Kitchen could be done in not more than 10 to 12 mins.

For washing the clothes, use your washing machine for a quicker service and then dry them or put them in the dryer. Fold and stack your clothes in the closet after this. With these you will complete 70 percent of your house cleaning. This would approximately take 8 minutes.

Living and dining room
For the living and dining room, clean the corner baskets (kept for storing paper or plastic garbage) quickly. Clean the curtains in 5 minutes by using a machine. Wipe down your center table with a washcloth and some liquid detergents. Lastly, do the floors with mop while listening to music or while drying your face mask. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes for cleaning your living and dining room.

Washroom and entry hallway
For the washroom, you may spend 12“15 minutes. For lessening the amount of work, divide it into two parts. In the morning, clean the laundry hamper and clean the washroom tiles quickly. At night, do the toilets, wash basin, and countertop. Make sure every time you use the shower, you use a cleaner and arrange the towels and essentials in your bathroom after you use them. By doing this, you won’t have to spare time for rearrangement. For the last few minutes, you may mop the hallway and clean the shoe case. Also, change your doormat in every 7 days.

Apart from these tips, try working on your basic habits for keeping your home clean. For example, always leave your shoes outside your house to avoid unwanted dust prevailing at the doorstep. Keep a doormat for this purpose. Put baskets at two corners of a room. Use a room freshener from time-to-time. This will give your room a sense of freshness and make you and your visitors feel good. Keep a room diffuser machine, if needed. Use one in your washroom too. If you run out of time every day due to your work, spend your weekends doing the major cleaning and keep the minor ones for the weekdays.

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