How to set your tableware to perfection

How to set your tableware to perfection

Are you hosting a lunch or dinner party in the coming weekend and are busy making plans on how to go about this? In your hectic schedule and rush, you could go on to become totally confused about how to set your tableware perfectly. This will help ensure that your table is set to perfection for your special occasion.

Setting your table is not at all difficult and you need to understand that you do not require silver ware or costly tableware to make your table attractive. You just need to be creative and place a simple bowl of sprigs or a crystal bowl topped with tree balls as a center piece that will give your table an exclusive and elegant touch.

Simple checkpoints to set your table
– Table linens regardless of whether you have placemats or a complete tablecloth are a must to adorn your table. They provide an inviting and elegant look to your table. Cloth fabrics can absorb sound and helps ensure to give your table a more intimate feel.
– Napkins are another accessory that are very important to complement your tableware. How you decide to fold it depends on your choice. You can either place it on the dinner plate folded or place it inside the water glass.
– Coffee cup needs to be positioned on the top right hand side of each diner plate. The wine glass, water glass, and even liqueur glass goes on the same side.
– The fork needs to be placed on the left of each plate and knife should be positioned on the right side of the plate. The spoon is positioned to the right of the knife.
– It would be a good idea to make use of place cards as your guests do not have to think twice about where to sit.
– Filling water goblets and setting out the butter and bread before calling your guests to the table is advisable as it makes passing much easier then.
– It is a good move to offer beverages and appetizers before serving dinner in the living room itself which makes it one course less to serve on the dining table.
– Never start clearing the dishes while your guests are at your table. Avoid the urge to begin washing the dishes and wait till everyone leaves to begin cleaning your table.

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