No More Grays With Best Dyes For Gray Hair

No More Grays With Best Dyes For Gray Hair

Gray hair is no joke, especially if you find yourself staring into the mirror, stressed. That single strand of gray hair can cause sheer panic. But, you don’t have to live with it. A horde of hair dyes has overtaken the beauty market. From expensive color ranges to simple DIY colors, everything is available in the market.

That is exactly why choosing the best dyes for gray hair is not an easy task. If you have graying hair, the color coverage would vary depending on the shade of your hair. The final hair color varies if applied on natural hair than on gray hair.

You need to consider certain tips before you color your hair. Colored hair requires more maintenance than natural hair. Having said that, colored hair adds oomph to your personality and there should not be any reason to stop you from trying.

How to choose the best hair dye?

Gray hair tends to be wiry and rougher compared to natural hair. Thus, it requires a type of color that would offer coverage and will also stay for a long time. There are different types and compositions of dyes available in the market. If you are unsure of which are the best dyes for gray hair, read through our list and you are sure to make a wise decision.

Your skin tone

It is no rocket science to know that your skin color affects how the hair color would appear on you. If you are new to hair dyeing, first get your hair colored by a professional instead of trying it on your own.

A person’s skin color depends on the effect of blood vessels and melanin production. Based on that, if you have yellow or warmer undertones, bronze or copper or shades of brown would be suitable. For cooler or pink undertones, dyes like blonde or strawberry blonde would be great.

But if you think you are in the neutral category, you can stick to brunette shades for a beautiful rich look. You can always approach a professional to get suggestions on best dyes for gray hair for you.

Your age

It might seem adventurous to experiment with different shades of hair color. But as you age, your facial structure as well as hair health changes. Lighter and neutral shades add grace and elegance to your demeanor.

You can check out samples of hair dyes and try them on a section of your hair before you settle on a color. This is a good way to judge what are the best dyes for gray hair for you. Since skin becomes sensitive with age, ensure that you also do an allergy test. Once you have decided on these factors, your age would be secondary.

The health of your hair

When you color your hair, check how healthy your hair is. Even the best dyes for gray hair are affected by the shine, gloss, tenacity, length, and factor in how long a hair dye would last. Graying happens when hair loses its pigmentation. It is important to know, that if your hair is gray but healthy, color absorption would be more effective.

If you have colored your hair many times before, you may face the issue of quick fading as well. Even when you get the best dyes for gray hair, look for underlying factors too. Get treatment and take good care of your hair. This way, no matter how much gray hair you have, any kind of hair dye would glow on your tresses.

How to care for your dyed hair

Commitment to maintaining hair color is a big thing. Colored hair needs effort but it ensures that your hair looks amazing even after weeks. You can get tips from your stylist and wash, clean and condition your hair on your own.

You can select between permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes for longer coverage. Many popular brands offer some of the best dyes for gray hair. You can consult salons and read reviews to select one perfect for your hair.

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