Oral hygiene a must for healthy teeth

Oral hygiene a must for healthy teeth

When you introduce yourself to somebody for the first time, you make sure you look and smell good. Hence, the first thing you need to do is to have a great smile, which can only be achieved with healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Bad, stinky breath is the result of bad bacteria stored inside your mouth, which concludes to a morning disaster. So how do you know that the process of daily mouth cleaning you are following is correct or not? Well, to be on a safer side, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash twice a day.

If you delve deeper, you will realize that not only bad breath, but also gum problems are one of the primary concerns faced by most people.

Periodontitis is one of the gum problems that most people face. It is a disease where bacteria grow inside the mouth, and if it is not treated properly, it destructs the tissues around the teeth, thereby causing weak teeth.

Gingivitis is another gum problem, which causes gums to turn red, swollen and bleed easily. It happens due to inadequate oral hygiene.

To overcome such issues, you need to find out the do’s and don’ts for oral health, and even use a mouthwash for gums. Knowing about them in detail will help you to prevent any future dental issues.

Tips for selecting a proper toothbrush
A toothbrush that is half-inch wide and one-inch tall is the easiest to use for everyone. When it comes to bristles, the soft-bristled toothbrushes are the safest and most comfortable ones.

Antibacterial mouthwashes
An antibacterial mouthwash is often prescribed by dentists to reduce microbes in the mouth that cause gingivitis. Some versions of these mouthwashes use high alcohol content instead of antibiotics and hence, have more an antiseptic effect. While most of these oral drugs are safe, side effects can also occur. Antiseptic non-prescription rinses are available for those without serious conditions and who wish to avoid alcohol. You can even use an antibacterial mouthwashes to treat cough. The menthol content in most mouthwashes helps to treat an inflamed throat. Not only that, the antibacterial ingredients present in these mouthwashes disinfect the bacterial buildup that occurs in the throat area. Hence, on rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash, you get instant relief in case of cough.

Expert advice
According to experts, for problems like gum bleeding, bad breath and plaque, people should go for an antiseptic mouthwash. Many people make their own mouthwash for gums at home with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. However, this is considered harmful as hydrogen burns the gums and tissues, whereas the bleach not only kills the bad germs, but also the good ones. Coconut oil is a better alternative for swishing. In a nutshell, brush your teeth every morning for at least two minutes, floss them for about one minute, followed by 30 seconds of swish using a standard mouthwash.

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