Points to consider when buying a refurbished TV

Points to consider when buying a refurbished TV

Refurbished versions of TVs are sold in large numbers online and in showrooms. We all have a misconception that refurbished TV is just like buying a second-hand car, worn and torn, dirty, weak parts, and with lot of technical failures. The truth is they are not sold the same way. Manufactures take up these TVs and sell them only after giving it a good service and replace any worn out parts with the brand new one.

Difference between refurbished and used TVs
Used televisions are those which are used for a period of time by the former owner, and sold for certain reasons. If you are planning to buy them, they can be gotten on a considerable discount. However, they are sold as it is and if you face any kind of problems in future like internal failures after few months of use you either have to fix it or take the loss on. A refurbished TV is an unused but returned one to the manufacturers or dealers for certain reasons like as it was a demo unit, blogger review model, damaged while shipping, broken screen, delivered with an opened box, or if it was a product with defective parts. The manufacturer fixes whatever is wrong and sells it as a refurbished product as it further cannot be sold as new.

Advantages of buying a refurbished TV
Firstly, you need to be careful buying a refurbished TV. Make sure you buy it from a branded manufacturer as you can be cheated purchasing a used one sold under the banner of refurbished TV, often done by unauthorized manufacturers. As a part of reputation, the high-end manufactures are less likely to have any damaged TVs. Refurbished TVs are 25% cheaper than a brand-new TV. Which means that you can save up to $300 on a TV that is of the worth of $1000. If that does not mean much an amount, you can still buy some accessories along with it or include the cash buy an advanced version of the TV.

Things to look for in a refurbished TV
You need to check whether it’s a factory refurbished TV. Make sure that the TV is sold by a certified manufacturer or dealer and meets the uncompromising quality standards. A good refurbished TV will offer a warranty or a service agreement for 90 days or even for one year. It should also stand out in its return policies as if you might get a change of mind to return the TV you just purchased. Many high-end manufacturers offer a time period of 30 days for returns. Check whether the unit box has all the contents in it as a new model would have.

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