Sagging neck skin – causes and cure

Sagging neck skin – causes and cure

If it is about the visible signs of aging, then most of us focus mainly on the facial skin than other parts such as the neck. One of the primary signs of aging is the tendency of the skin to lose the firmness. The skin tends to lose the elasticity, which makes it appear saggy. Although, this process is more visible and obvious on the face and neck, not much attention is paid towards the latter.

What causes the skin of the neck to loosen?
There are a number of reasons attributed to the loosening of the neck skin. Sagging skin on the face and neck is a result of natural aging. Apart from this, sudden weight loss or weight gain can also cause the neck skin to loosen. Even the genetics are considered as a reason for a turkey neck. In case you have family members with sagging neck skin, then there might be a chance for you to develop this problem. Although no one can turn back time and stop the natural process of aging, there are a number of ways that help to tighten the neck skin.

When do the signs of sagging neck skin begin to appear?
It is during the 40s when men and women begin to notice the signs of sagging necks. There are also some cases wherein the person begins to experience loosening of the neck skin prior to the age mentioned above. This is usually because of heavy weight loss or long exposure to UV light from the sun.

How to tighten the neck skin?
Both men and women turn to artificial therapies and skin surgeries when it comes to tightening the skin. The focus here is more towards toxins, fillers, radiation-based treatments and painful surgeries that smooth wrinkles. However, these treatments are a sure shot way of restoring the youthful skin, there are also some exercises and healthy eating habits that can tighten the neck skin. Some people have a habit of repeated facial expressions. It is observed that a particular type of facial expression lead to weakening of muscles that in turn cause the skin to loosen. You can help yourself by observing few repeated facial expressions and avoid them. Whenever someone is using certain facial or neck muscles, there is a groove that forms under the skin. As we know that skin loses elasticity over a period of time, it is restricted to fill the groove and this may form enduring wrinkles on the neck.

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