The Best Features Of The Iphone 8 Plus

The Best Features Of The Iphone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were launched as the successors of the 7th series and as the cheaper variants of the iPhone X. Loyalists who could not afford the grand offering from the brand opted for the lesser priced iPhone 8 Plus. If you are in the same boat and can’t wait for the iPhone 9 series to be launched, have a look at the following specifications of the iPhone 8 Plus and take a buying decision accordingly-

  • Aesthetics
    Although the size of the iPhone 8 Plus has not been changed and it still is capable of being fit into the cases of 7 Plus, the back of the phone has been redesigned with glass. It is a bit a heavier but that adds more weight to the phone and makes gripping easier. It has been provided in the silver and space grey shades and a new gold color which has replaced the former rose gold one.
  • Battery
    Wireless charging is one interesting feature of the iPhone 8 Plus which has been made possible by the glass back. The Mophie charging pads can be used but they are not very useful since the charging speed is not that fast and you cannot even use your phone when the phone is being charged. The iPhone 8 Plus also gets charged through the MacBook and iPad chargers at a much higher speed. Wireless charging comes handy in cars when the phone can be just plugged in for a seamless experience.
  • Display
    The True Tone feature has been offered in the iPhone 8 Plus that takes the screen resolution to another level. As the name suggests, this technology exhibits the true colors of a picture and the sensors adjust lighting at any time of the day or night. The difference can be seen especially when you are in an area that has less light to an area that has more or vice versa.
  • Camera
    The iPhone 8 Plus camera only takes picture in the HDR mode and saturates it on its own. You can also take videos either in slow motion mode or 4K shooting mode. The results are pretty good with richer, clearer pictures, and videos saved in both HDR and non HDR form (if you turn on the requisite feature). Further, after the pictures have been taken, they can be edited using Portrait Lighting. The Stage, Studio as well as Contour setups allow you add filters to the face of the subject.
  • Operating system
    iPhone 8 Plus comes with the latest software and that is iOS 11, which is being termed as a major upgradation for users. The built of the App Store has been changed, the Airplane mode has been modified so as to allow accessibility to Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth, the Files app provides instant access to Dropbox and there are many other features that enhance the overall experience of the user.
  • Price
    The device belongs to the premium category, in fact, most phones from Apple have been rolled out in that range. The iPhone 8 Plus has a tag of $799 and $949 approximately depending on how much memory you want your device to have.
  • Availability
    The iPhone 8 Plus is also much easily available with the suppliers as opposed to the iPhone X whose production is taking place at a very low pace.

One fact has definitely been established that Apple has laid all emphasis on the iPhone X which has some of the latest attributes which involve facial recognition, OLED screen, etc. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 Plus that was launched along with it has no such features due to which it has failed to leave the customers impressed. It is still not a bad phone, at least for those who want to take pride in owning a smartphone from Apple without spending additional sums of money. Apple is known for producing high quality default phones and this is one of them.

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