Things to know before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer

Things to know before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy occurs when consumers or business don’t have enough money to pay back what they owe and the same has to be then recovered suing other means like liquidating your assets or reorganizing your business. In case of a bankruptcy, you will need a good bankruptcy lawyer to handle your end of business. This can be one of the most complicated, not to mention stressful things to handle both in your personal and professional life. Which is all the more reason to hire someone who knows exactly what he is doing or supposed to do, to make sure you file for the same within the stipulated period and following all rules and regulations.

The process of filing for bankruptcy requires documentation to be submitted from your part, extensively. The US bankruptcy court needs proof that you are in fact bankrupt and not filing for one just to evade creditors. This has to be supported by documentation and also should be done at the proper time to ensure your claim for bankruptcy is not rejected. This is also an expensive process nearly costing a couple of thousand dollars just to file for one. The legal fees which you will incur for the representation hired will have to be paid separately.

Hire a specialized attorney: Every legal representation will have specialized in one type of claim or case for that matter. Find an attorney who is well versed with all the legal jargons related to bankruptcy laws. Read client reviews from their official website to understand how good or great the representation is for that matter. Hiring an attorney through mutual friends or known sources is always a good option since you will be able to trust the person better.

Discuss beforehand what the attorney will charge for the services. some legal representation will charge an advance when the case is taken. Other attorneys charge by the hour and there are also legal representatives who will charge you only when the case has been won. Of course, this will be different for different types of representation, firms and even states for that matter. Discuss in detail about the charge for the services, what does the term service include, any court filing fees, any payment plans available if you are unable to meet payments.

The type of representation will again depend on the severity of your case. Your legal representation should be qualified and experienced enough to file for bankruptcy on your part and file it successfully!

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