Tips to Choose the Best Puppy Food

Tips to Choose the Best Puppy Food

Got a new puppy? The time to become a canine parent has begun. Do not be under the illusion that it’s easy to raise the cute little one. Feeding your puppy with best puppy food is crucial. This is because you need to know when to feed the pup, choose from a variety of puppy foods from the market and get a fair idea of the nutrition value each puppy food carries.

Finding out which is the best puppy food is daunting. Pet stores are a labyrinth of aisles filled with toys, treats, and grooming kits. To start with, research about your puppy. Learn about the breed, the types of food it loves and how you can provide it with a balanced diet.

Puppy nourishment differs from that of adult dogs. This is why you need to ask the previous owner or the store you get the puppy from, the food it is used to eating. A change in its diet could lead to the puppy to suffer a bout of diarrhea. A pup’s stomach could get upset with the stress of moving into a new home.

Dogs are strict carnivores and while meat is their dominant staple, some domestic dogs also eat grains, vegetables, and fruits. So both meat and vegetables are important and the best puppy food is one which offers the perfect balance of both. Start with the best to develop the habit of serving the best puppy food.

Why does a puppy need nourishment?

Just like a human baby toddler needs good nourishment to grow into a fine and strong individual, a strong puppy grows into becoming a strong adult dog. A growing pup needs twice as much calories as a grown dog. The best puppy food must contain adequate phosphorus, calcium, fat, and protein. The following reasons tell us why a puppy needs the best puppy food for balanced nourishment:

-Monitoring your puppy is one reason. You should see how much the puppy is growing by feeling their ribs, but not being able to see them. Maintain the right balance between fat and fit.

-Nutrient supply is another reason. Sometimes the vet can suggest the right quality of puppy food. Focus on calcium and protein as the nutrients of high priority.

-Puppies grow up faster than you can imagine! Adjust the intake of puppy food from week to week. A schedule should be set, telling you when to reduce the supply of food and when to increase it.

-Progression from one stage to another is again based on the vet’s advice. The nourishment should be suited to the age of the puppy. 9 months is fine to then think of a switch in diet.

Tips for choosing the best puppy food

You can obviously tell if the pup is a large breed dog or not. This means the pup is also a large breed pup. So, while choosing the best puppy food, keep these tips in mind.

-The size of the pup matters most. The growth of a Beagle pup won’t be the same as that of a Saint Bernard pup. Bone growth is paramount. The larger the pup, the greater the nutrients needed.

-Select the best puppy food brand carefully. The pet food company should undergo AAFCO feeding trials. This ensures that the pet food is prepared without any deficiencies. The best brands invest in scientific studies and consult vets to prepare a balanced pet food.

-The calorie content of the puppy food should be high enough. Puppies spend a lot of energy being the bundle of excitement that they are. A lot of energy also goes towards their tissue growth.
Puppy diet must contain a high amount of a fatty acid called DHA. Their brain, eyes and ear development depend on this fatty acid.

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