Top 2 prepaid cell phone services for international travelers

Top 2 prepaid cell phone services for international travelers

International roaming is no joke. Postpaid plans offer flexibility; however, most of them come at fiendish rates. They can burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re strapped for cash and are running out of data, using postpaid plans can translate to a bitter experience both emotionally and financially.

Get a decent prepaid phone service with reasonable rates and sufficient data packs to counter such situations. You don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant rates. As we said earlier, international roaming rates can be expensive. Getting a good international cell phone service can tackle this problem by letting you make calls and send texts at cheap rates. This means you can call more often, save tons of money, and not worry about running out of resources. If you’ve ever wondered which are the top cell phone services for international travelers, here are our top two picks.

Project Fi by Google
Project Fi was invite only until recently. Google has now opened up its cell phone service to international travelers and new cell phone users. With coverage of up to 140 countries worldwide, Project Fi is a great deal for international travelers. You get unlimited calling minutes, speeds of 3G in most countries and 4G LTE in some. You are charged for only the amount of data you use, which is great. You also get unlimited texting features.
Data costs $10 per GB for whenever you feel like using it. Their call rates start at 20 cents per minute which is considered cheaper than WiFi. They offer a hard-to-beat deal for international callers and frequent out-of-country travelers. Keep in mind that this service is available only on Google’s flagship phones. If you own a Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, or the Google Pixel, Project Fi will work for you.

MetroPCs offer their cell phone services for most of South America. They are also available in Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland, Japan, and Spain. They offer affordable world calling rates priced at an additional $10 a month. World calling includes 200 minutes of talktime, 200 outgoing text messages, free incoming text messages and 200 MB of mobile data.Their base plans start at $50 to $60.
World calling is an add-on feature to these basic plans. They are the only prepaid international phone carrier offering services beyond North America. It works best for international travelers or those who stay outside the country too often. Additionally, they offer unlimited texting and calling services for Mexico and Canada for an additional $5 a month.

Going prepaid for international roaming might seem counter intuitive. But once you compare the rates and features offered by them with post-paid services, you will see how they can benefit you.

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