Top 6 ways to keep your carpet clean

Top 6 ways to keep your carpet clean

Despite your best efforts, you cannot undo the drops, spills, pours or accidental spills on your carpet. So no matter how much you take care, carpets are something which must take up the stains and get dirty. But no worries! You need to remember some necessary information as well as some handy ideas which can be used as best carpet stain removers in daily life.

  • Blot and don’t rub the stains: If you don’t want the stain to be spread or be smeared, do not rub it. Rather dab it with cleaning detergents or specific products with clean paper or cloth. According to experts, blotting is important as it exerts a little amount of pressure to soak the stain. Whereas rubbing results in particles getting grounded into the fabrics of carpet and finally immature breakdown of carpet fiber. Hence, blot from the outward of the stain towards inward.
  • Club soda process: Among many handy tips, you can use club soda as an effective stain remover against alcoholic beverages stains and use it as one of the best carpet stain removers. Proper uses can make the process useful. Firstly, blot the part with a clothing piece soaked in soda. In case it fails, use one part white vinegar and one part of water. Then sprinkle with a sprayer over the stain and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Now put pressure on the area with a clean sponge. After the removal of the stain, clean up with warm water in the natural direction of the rug. Ultimately, place white paper or towel and weigh them down with heavy things similar to a phone book. In this way, the papers or towels will absorb the moisture.
  • Shaving cream: Some experts propose that shaving cream can do wonders to remove almost all kinds of stains and is one of the best carpet stain removers. You can apply it directly over the stain to soak it around for half an hour. After setting, blot it using a dry white cloth. Then put some spray made of constituents like vinegar and water in equal parts.
  • Heat wax: If you use candles at home, wax dripping over the carpet is common where it dries fast and gets embedded. Heat wax is one of the most effective and best carpet stain removers. Put a white piece of cloth over the iron over the engraved wax and heat it. Now scrape it off. Repeat the steps to for best results. Never use the iron in the same direction for more than half a minute, else the carpet can catch fire. And make sure to use white cloth or towel as a colored towel can transfer the color onto the carpet if heated up and can result in color smearing in case of light colored carpets.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be useful for blood stain: Bleeding may result from accidental cuts while cutting veggies or fruits and while cutting paper or cloth. Blood stains are tough to remove but not impossible. There’s a miraculous ingredient, hydrogen peroxide which can remove the blood stains easily. At first, use a mild detergent with water to loosen up the stain. You can scrape more quantity from the clothes and then pour hydrogen peroxide directly. Dab with a towel as soon as it creates foam after contact with blood.
  • Pet mess: No matter how trained your pet is, sometimes it becomes too tough to hold even for the pets. Organic cleaners are useful to use in spray bottles. It’s crucial to keep the carpet clean and fresh as it’s located in your drawing or bedroom. Untidy or dirty carpets not only look bad but also can be a cradle of germs and fungus if left unclear. Steam cleaning is important to remove oils or grease-dirts and heavy stains.

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