Top ten puppy-adoption centers

Top ten puppy-adoption centers

Getting a puppy to your house will indeed bring immense happiness. But how do you choose the best place to adopt your innocent ball of fur from? The following animal shelters are rated the best in the year 2018. They rescue animals and offer care and shelter, and eventually when the animals gain good health, the centers put them up on adoption on their websites.

Best Friends Animal Society – They are located in several places all over the country. In addition, they have a website where you can personally choose the puppy you want to adopt. This is considered as one of the friendliest shelters to adopt puppies from! – This website strives to find new homes for several animals. All you have to do is find a puppy you would like to adopt, enter your zip code, and voila! You are immediately pointed to the nearest animal shelter where you will be able to find your furry friend.

Petfinder – A reliable website which caters to your requirement for a puppy, including age, breed, and gender. You can check the list of pet available for adoption and find your furry friend quickly!

The Humane Society – They will help you find a puppy close to your home. They have a campaign called the “Shelter Pet Project” which aids in the adoption of puppies as well.

Petango – This society searches hundreds of shelters nationwide to find the pet that you’ll love and cherish and the one that will do the same in return.

Nevada Humane Society – This shelter holds the record for one of the highest rates of adoption of pets, making it an ideal center to adopt a puppy from.

Dane County Humane Society – It is an open admission shelter, meaning they accept any animal, and most impressively they guarantee that all healthy dogs find new homes.

Richmond SPCA – One of the largest no-kill shelters, their around 75% success rate invites many to adopt puppies from its venue.

ASPCA – Situated in New York, this shelter has a wide variety of dogs out for adoption and will help you find the best to suit your lifestyle.

Austin Pets Alive – Located in Texas, their shelter has had about 90% success rate in finding new homes for pets, making them one of the most successful shelters to adopt a pet from.

Just go to any of the centers mentioned above, look for various options, and adopt a puppy!

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