Understanding heartburn trigger foods: Common items that cause heartburn

Understanding heartburn trigger foods: Common items that cause heartburn

What is a heartburn?
When the stomach acid flows up into your esophagus, it causes a burning feeling in your chest and throat; this feeling is known as heartburn.
This feeling becomes most difficult to handle after eating food and can last for several hours. Heartburn is common and can be taken care off with over-the-counter antacids. Heartburn is also known as acid reflux, reflux, acidity, and acid indigestion.
If you frequently suffer from heartburn then you must consult your doctor immediately. It is an indicator that you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Heartburn trigger foods
Food is an important source of nutrition. But however, certain food items are known to cause a heartburn. These food products include:
– Raw onion and black pepper is one of the most common food products that are responsible to cause heartburn. Patients with acid reflux, should not be eating onions at all because it increases the acid content in the stomach.
– Surprisingly, chocolates too cause heartburns although it can cure the worst heartbreaks! Research shows that people prone to acid reflux, upon consuming chocolate have increased levels of serotonin. It is released from the intestines. Since the chocolate is rich in fat content can induce inflammation.
– Citrus products and fruits like orange, lime in the form of juice, and raw fruit could cause harm to your body if consumed in excess.
– Consuming caffeinated drinks, like coffee, tea, and soda can cause heartburn too.
– Peppermint and tomatoes cause an uncomfortable environment internally upon consumption. It consists of malic and citric acid in tomato products like ketchup, packed soup, and juice. These products can cause too much gastric acid in the stomach.
– Drinking alcohol and the consumption of red wine is also harmful for health as it triggers heartburn.
– Oily fried food is not only known for causing obesity but it is known to trigger heartburn.
– Eating excess dairy products rich in fat like cheese, butter, and margarine contributes to heartburn.
– Consuming meat which is high in fat can also result in causing inflammation.

Preventive measures
Since you are now aware of these heartburn trigger foods, here are few simple steps to avoid having such an uncomfortable sensation.
– Avoid overeating throughout the day, even if you’re going to eat your favorite dish.
– Overeating causes a bloated sensation which leads to indigestion which in turn causes a heartburn.
– Instead, have small portions of food throughout the day. This would ease the process of digestion.
– Avoid eating right before bedtime. Your body requires at least 2 hours of time to digest the consumed food. Laying down would only make things worse. Your digestion will get disrupted and you will have a bloated sensation and acidity.
– Increase the intake of food products like vegetables, oatmeals,non-citrus fruits, egg whites, and ginger.

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