Washing machine buying guide

Washing machine buying guide

Washing machines are one of the important investments you make for your home. These are of paramount importance to get your laundry done on time and efficiently. These machines have now become a necessity for many.

Here are some tips to help you while shopping for a washing machine.

Measure out your laundry area

Measuring the spot where you intend on keeping the washing machine can help you in the deciding process. You will come across several washing machine reviews where users rate the washing machine working and experience and greviences alike. They’d even mention about the washing machines that was loaded with features but that it did not fit in their bill and laundry area as well.

When measuring the laundry space, don’t forget that the washing machine needs one inch of free space on the sides and the back for air circulation. If you are opting for a top loading washing machine, then ensure there is nothing in the way that may pose as an obstacle for the lid to open fully. Also, ensure that there is access to both warm and cold water and a drain pipe where you are placing the washing machine.

Wash Drum Capacity and Door Style

The wash drum is the tub inside the washing machine in which the clothes are cleaned. The capacity of the drum is measured in cubic per foot. The capacity of the tub should be sufficient enough for taking care of the laundry needs of your home. You need to take in consideration the size of the household and any specific laundry needs when choosing the capacity. All washing machine reviews will tell you to get the maximum capacity that fits in your space, as having a washing machine with more capacity than you need is not a problem as having a machine with a smaller capacity than you need.

You may also want to consider the style of door for your washing machine. It is better to go with a top loading washing machine for safety purposes in case you have young children at home. Each of them has their distinct benefits. Top loaders don’t require any bending, have a traditional look, and are cheaper than the front loading models. Front loaders are of large capacity, energy efficient, and have a modern look. Read up on washing machine reviews for each style from users to get a better idea of what you need.


To make your shopping process shorter and easier, draw out a budget beforehand so that you can zero in on the right washing machines. If you like a model, but it is not within in your budget, try buying the washing machine on sale when it is cheaper.

Other Features

You may want to keep some other factors in mind when shopping for your washing machine. For instance, if you have small children at home, then you may want to look for washing machines with the child locking feature to avoid any accidents. Look for washing machines with a noise-free operation so that your laundry chores are not limited to daytime, when it may not be a disturbance to others. A lot of washing machines claim to be noise free but still may have some amount of vibration sounds. Read up on the washing machine reviews from users to know how noise-free it is.

Washing machines can contribute quite a bit to the electricity bills so don’t forget to check on the power efficiency of the model you are looking at. The Energy Star rating should tell you about the efficiency of the machine.

While looking out for a washing machine, you may also consider looking out for a dryer, so that your clothes not only get clean but also dry in no time.

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