Watches are timeless!

Watches are timeless!

Design and style of wristwatches have undergone sea-changes over the last three decades. From the early 1990s, people in America have steadily conceptualized wristwatches as a part of style and aristocracy, not just a timepiece. Americans now buy expensive watches, sleek watches, and style-matching watches to look more stylish and gorgeous. On the other hand, men are getting choosier in selecting watches than women. Men are always ready to invest in a lump sum if they like the style and design of a watch. Individuals with good financial capacity, prefer to buy luxury watches just like they buy expensive jewelry. Women, on the other hand, are not as selective in this matter as their male counterparts. In the USA, females are prone to use watches as jewelry.

Popular styles in watches
People these days prefer Swiss and German watches more than their home-grown products. The European watchmakers have set some trends in horology that are immensely liked by Americans. In fact, the manufacturers in this country are now grabbing the European concept in attributing design and styles to make their brands equally popular among Americans. Some trending styles in wristwatches are as follows:

• The demand for sleek watches with smaller dials has been increasing steeply over the past few years. This trend is more obvious in lower price categories, i.e. when people look for an inexpensive watch, they prefer sleek watches with comparatively small dials. Watches within 40mm diameter and 9.5mm thickness are getting high demand.

• The demand for luxury watches has been steadily increasing. In this matter, Swiss wristwatch brands like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Bell & Ross, Tissot, etc. are quite popular in the USA. These watches are available in different sizes, shapes, and movements.

• Oversized watches are considered stylish among the younger generation. Males and females with the age group of 18 -30 years prefer moderately expensive oversized watches. In this category, popular brands like Nixon, G-Shock, Casio, Diesel, Fossil, etc. have a pretty impressive demand in the market.

Type of watches on demand
Ever since wristwatches become a fashion item, people wear them as per the dress codes they maintain for a particular occasion. As such, preference for watches is more functional rather optional. Some popular types of watches hugely preferred by both men and women in different situations are as follows:

• Dress watches These are the watches used to complement a formal or informal wear. Dress watches are important to create a fashion statement for the wearer rather a time keeping the device.

• Aviator watches This concept of watches has come from the aviation industry, the watches particularly used by pilots and air force people are categorized as aviator watches.

• Diver watches This watches have a huge demand in the USA. Diver watches are water resistive, automatic, and possessing longer and thickened band. Special titanium or stainless steel casing is used to keep it rust-free.

• Racing Watches These watches are available in different colors and styles. Racing watches possess two special features a chronograph and a tachymeter.
With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, people are now getting habituated with online buying of watches. Now, they could browse a lot of national and international brands, which enable them to become more fashionable in wearing watches.

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