What does owning the new Jeep Wrangler mean

What does owning the new Jeep Wrangler mean

The perfect combination of form and function has resulted in the new 2016 Jeep Wrangler. It is noteworthy that this Wrangler comes in some new colors. The Wrangler Sahara has some aesthetic updates and a new olive green interior option. The Wrangler is the only convertible SUV on sale. The body styles the 2016 Jeep Wrangler comes in are the two door, the four passenger Wrangler, and the four door, five passenger Wrangler and the unlimited.

What does owning a Wrangler mean?

  • You have the freedom to drive almost anywhere you want! Owners of a Wrangler feel its youthful zest for adventure on every drive as the 2016 Wrangler is all but unstoppable on any trail.
  • The Jeep brand holds great value, when you’re ready to move on, your Wrangler will fetch with excellent resale rates.
  • There are many accessories and options available that lets you style the Jeep and make it truly your own.
  • Jeep events held across the country, the message boards and chat rooms offer instant camaraderie to all Wrangler owners.
  • This is truly a vehicle for all seasons and all weather conditions.
  • The unique look and classic design of the Wrangler allow it to be used as both an SUV and a convertible.
  • Each Wrangler is designed and engineered to be authentic to its core with its fender flares, iconic seven slot grille, and removable doors and top (in select trims). The Wrangler remains stylishly capable and fun of driving.
  • Sahara, the plushest trim of the 2016 Wrangler, has a distinguished countenance while delivering a smooth and steady drive. Even though the Wrangler is a military Jeep from outside, it is surprisingly comfortable and refined on the inside.
  • If you decide to go off-roading, the Wrangler is all that it promises to be – durable and reliable. The powerful V6 engine, the short wheelbase and tight turning radius have a large part to play.
  • Spare parts are plentiful, and repairs are cheap.

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