Why add cushions to your rocking chair

Why add cushions to your rocking chair

Rocking chairs are the most comfortable and relaxing furniture items of the house. You can rock yourself back and forth to sleep or just enjoy a nice book or a pleasant cup of coffee. However, your rocking chairs can become even more comfortable with the perfect rocking chair cushions. Most people prefer seats or chair pads for their rocking chairs, but cushions are the most comfortable.

Rocking chair cushions are used to increase the height as well as comfort of a conventional rocking chair. They come in different shapes and sizes, and can be custom made for your rocking chair.

Why choose chair cushions over chair pads?
Rocking chair cushions are better because chair pads are not less than 2 inches thick, and they are made in such a way that they do not bounce back after being sat on. One use could deflate a chair pad. Chair cushions, on the other hand, are at least 3 inches thick and can go up to being 8 inches thick as well. Rocking chair cushions also have the important quality of bouncing back.

However, it is important to choose rocking chair cushions based on your needs. One important aspect to remember is whether the cushion will be used indoors or outdoors.

Indoor cushions can be made of a variety of materials and fabrics to suit the decor of your room and your furniture.

Outdoor cushions can become wet and are very hard to dry, and thicker cushions are harder to dry. These cushions can be waterproofed or lined with waterproof sheets under the pillow covers. Outdoor chair cushions have to be waterproofed before use. It is also preferable to use darker shades for outdoor chair cushions because dust and weathering can change the color of your cushion covers.

The next thing you should consider is the size and height of your chair. If you have low arms on the chairs, a thicker cushion could make your rocking chair uncomfortable to sit in. The same applies while using thin cushions for rocking chairs with high arms.

You can also place a cushion on your existing cushion if it is deflated. This is an important point to consider for the thickness of your cushion. It is also a budget-friendly option as you end up spending less on the new cushion while increasing the height and comfort of your rocking chair.




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