Why do children love teddy bears?

Why do children love teddy bears?

While you may bring hundreds of toys and gifts to your children, all they choose is a cute teddy bear they can sleep with and hug anytime. You may have seen a giant teddy bear in almost every home that has kids. However, you may not have thought about the reasons why every kid loves them so much. Check out a few major reasons behind this attraction of teddies in girls as well as boys.

A sense of security: As children feel secure with their parents or grandparents, they also feel secure with teddy bears. If you know the importance of a security cover for a kid, then you would also understand the significance of the security cover provided by a cuddly giant teddy bear. Some studies indicate that teddy bears are so precious to children that they come second to mothers. In a few cases, even mother’s love is superseded by the love of a teddy bear. This is due to the security cover that silent yet cute teddies offer to kids.

An association with moms: Many times, it becomes unavoidable for mothers to separate from their kids when they have to go out for jobs or kids have to go to preschools or daycare. However, children possessing teddy bears can cope up well with such situations, as they start associating these security providers with their moms at times when moms are away.

More like a human: A giant teddy bear is more like a human to kids rather than the mechanical toys. It is designed to have features like humans that appeal to kids of all ages. Although grown-up girls and boys may understand that it is a toy, they still find a human feel and warmth in teddies. They can hug it and play with it anytime, without the bear making complaints. They can sleep with the bear cozily, without it snoring or moving away while they sleep.

A soothing stress buster friend: Parents cannot remain around a child all the time. Thus, teddy bears make them feel stress-free even when nobody is around. Even for older kids, they act like confidence builders. You may have seen children communicating and sharing their personal talks with teddies. This happens because of the soothing bond they create with these stuffed toys. Teddy bears are like their childhood friends with whom they can share any type of feeling that they cannot even share with parents.

Friendly listener: While children communicate with teddy bears, they find it assuring that their friends would listen to them with undivided attention. Teddy bears have friendly eyes and calm faces that talk to kids. This also helps children develop social skills, without having any anxiety or fear.

A giant teddy bear is a soother, comforter, friend, and a great companion to children. The size gives them a sense of security and comfort.

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